Pachter: New 360 to arrive 2010/2011

360 Magazine: Industry analyst Michael Pachter has told 360 Magazine that he expects a new 360 to launch next year to coincide with the release of Project Natal.

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Natsu X FairyTail3275d ago

i think we were all aware of that ever since Natal got announced. new Sku coming.

Syronicus3275d ago

Why this guy gets paid the big bucks is beyond me. It's not like one would need a degree to predict the obvious. It does beg the question though, what will this new console look like and will it be rid of any unreliability issues that have plagued the 360 thus far?

darthv723275d ago

Chances are the only way a new 360 will be released is the rumored slim version they been working on. That could be out this xmas or early in 2010.

As far as a new xbox (720) well...prob not till 2011 or 2012.

joydestroy3275d ago

retard articles coming out tha woodwork today, for sure.
must be a slow news day regarding gaming.

IdleLeeSiuLung3275d ago

“In order to succeed at its original vision, Microsoft probably has to sell us a new SKU,” said Pachter, after we asked him how long it will take Microsoft to deliver on its vision of a converged entertainment hub. “The true entertainment hub will need a huge hard drive, DVR functionality, an always on Internet connection, perhaps an HDTV tuner, and a ton of content available.

I didn't consider the DVR + HDTV tuner, but that would be pretty cool although I don't have cable TV.

JsonHenry3275d ago

Didn't he say not too long ago that there would NOT BE another system from either Sony or MS? Or am I thinking of someone else?

SuperM3275d ago

Pachter's job is to predict things, both obvious and not so obvious. Its not his fault that people make articles on his more obvious predictions.

talltony3275d ago

But seriously though if microsoft released a new console next year with new hardware I would be pissed! Its just way too soon.

All Time Greatness3275d ago

talltony, Xbox 360 will be 5 years old next year if the slim released.

Right now PS3 is barely 2 1/2 years old with talks of a PS3 slim coming next month. Please tell me you're joking. XD

mastiffchild3275d ago

Pachter is sh1t. He couldn't say what he was having for dinner with any degree of accuracy. Sick of him syaying the obvious and , when not doing so, getting things entirely wrong.

I'm past caring what he thinks-I'm not even sure he believes half of it so we might as well listen to HHG for insight as this guy. It's not just me is it? He's always getting things wildly wrong this gen.

Bnet3433275d ago

By new 360, he means new SKU.

Mindboggle3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

So patcher has been so wrong all the time so he is now sticking to predicting the obvious..

talltony3275d ago

I thought Pachter meant like xbox 720. Not a new SKU. I know their will be a new SKU next year. Big deal.

cherrypie3275d ago

No. Not at all.

At the Natal Launch, they said "Natal will work with *all* current and future Xbox 360s".

You're spreading nonsense.

Even if a new Xbox 360 (slim?) or Xbox 720 does arrive in 2010/11, Natal will still work with all Xbox 360s.

JD_Shadow3274d ago

"So patcher has been so wrong all the time so he is now sticking to predicting the obvious.."

And he usually gets THAT wrong, too!

Tito Jackson3274d ago

I think a slim version is inevitable, but not necessary.
I think that people are expecting a new console to launch at the same time as Natal.
I dont think it will have anything more than the current version has.

randomwiz3274d ago

Yes, he did say that this was the last generation of consoles.

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interrergator3275d ago

i say 2012 to tell u the truth i really dont want a new console right now

Xi3275d ago

No xbox until at least 2012.

3275d ago
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