Planet Xbox 360: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

PX 360 writes: "Equipped with new online modes, a tournament challenge mode, several courses being introduced, tweaks to the gameplay and real time weather that is coordinated with The Weather Channel, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a well-rounded golf title that is serviceable to avid fanatics of the sport. Though, it must be said that in comparison to its Wii counterpart, it's hard to argue in favor of the Xbox 360 iteration. Players are still able to map their face to their player with the Photo Game Face, so customization is at an all-time high. Via the Xbox Live Vision camera or through EA's online website, players are able to make virtual representations of their selves in Tiger Woods 10 – but, unlike titles in the past, it took two to three times for my friends and me to get an avatar that was fitting enough in facial similarities. The results aren't uncanny, but they'll do for the time being."

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