Gamers called to protest school killings and the blame placed on video games

When it comes to the tragic event concerning the shootout at the Virginia Tech Campus the other day, we know that it is still the time to grieve, mourn, and feel sorry. But Jack Thompson just won't let up. Because you see, the "school shootings expert" connected the killings to video games which he defined as "killing simulators".

As a response, online site Empire Arcadia declared recently a protest that will take place in New York City at Bryan Park on Saturday May 5 at 1 p.m. According to the site, everyone is invited but the focus is to gather as many gamers as possible to show the world how real gamers play peacefully and responsibly.

Of course, the death of the 33 young individuals will be commemorated and due respect will be given them. There will also be shows and protests to declare that gamers shouldn't be blamed for things like this. According to the site's head, known as Emperor TriforceGameMaster,

I'm tired of the complaining and displacing of blame to tragic stuff like this. Since they will do nothing about it then I guess us gamers will have to. If need be we'll gather the largest force of gamers on the planet to protest against random violence in schools and in the world period. I wonder at times who is worst the psycho's doing this crazy stuff or the politicians that want to place blame on a videogame.

What more can we say but this, fellow gamers, is for a good cause and for a bigger battle.

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Diselage4140d ago

Jack won't go away and neither will games getting the blame for violent behavior. This is a great idea and while it may be to soon to be so combative i feel if the primary focus of the rally is to mourn and pay tribute to the fallen then this event can really be used for good. Just the fact that gamers are going to form up and mourn and in that action protest the accusation that games make them violent will speak worlds for the cause.

If the rally puts to much focus on the fact that they don't want games blamed for these sorts of horrific instances then the rally will probably just come off as tacky.

Here's to hoping the rally does send a positive message that people will understand.

kornbeaner4140d ago

is there anyway were somthing like this can be held in California, cause I would love to show support in someway

SRuN44140d ago

maybe a petition of sorts? .. not really a petition but just something that's there to collect names..

Robotz Rule4140d ago

Rest in peace,33 young individuals,may God be with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.