Q&A: Left 4 Dead 2

NowGamer: Valve's Doug Lombardi answers our questions on the survival horror sequel.

Were you surprised at the backlash after announcing L4D2 at E3?

We went there to announce that we're working on Left 4 Dead 2, not to signal that we're done with L4D one. I think a lot of folks have jumped to the conclusion rightly or wrongly – it's incorrect – that we've dumped L4D1 and we only have a finite amount of people to do left 4 dead. And by default there can't be anyone left working on l4d one anymore. Again, that's not the case. Once they see more of the story, what's in store for L4D1 in terms of support they're hopefully going see a method to our madness.

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Nelson M3123d ago

Why is Left on Shelf 2 not DLC ?
Is it Because you know the BoTs are so Thick
And that they will Buy any Crap you put out because of a Lack of Exclusives