GameTime - Could Activision afford to make Call Of Duty/Modern Warfare an Xbox 360 exclusive?

Swiff and Ruthless are back, to discuss the latest issues in gaming from a UK perspective. Watch out for news on every console, along with the UK charts and Swiff's Rant. Also watch Ruthless kid's Afro Samurai review and win some 48 Hour Xbox Live codes. Apologies for some of the poor quality, we are still learning and also need better equipment feedback is welcome on this show.

On the Show:

- News on all platforms.
- Swiff's Rant
- UK Charts (The top five on all platforms, plus the overall top ten)
- General Discussions and Debate
- Gametime View (Our review segment)

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MGOelite3178d ago

of corse they could, they could make it ps3 exclusive and still make one hell of a profit

Syronicus3178d ago

No they wouldn't. Why would they pass up on the millions of dollars of revenue that both console versions brought in?

randomwiz3178d ago

Exactly, they still make a lot of money, but they could make even more money.

BattleAxe3178d ago

I think they would lose out on alot of money. On the other hand Killzone 2 would take over on the PS3.

And who knows what the next Medal of Honor is going to be like. So in the end it doesn't matter really, but I don't think it would happen.

Theres also BattleField and MAG.

sparced3178d ago

Why isn't the question, could Microsoft afford it? It's down to them, same as always opening their cheque book. No chance it would happen but even if it did I wouldn't give a damn.

A lot less people will buy MOW2 than COD4, myself included. I've had enough of FPS games this gen and they'll be afraid of changing anything incase of a backlash.

Killjoy30003178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

It's exactly like HHG's set-up right down to the tee. Just the way the article is set up is exactly like HHG, except with slimmed down flame-bait and no music.

FamilyGuy3178d ago

I thought the exact same thing. Just the setup of everything.

raztad3178d ago

Of course they can NOT. In the middle of this economic downturn every company is trying to maximize profit, Activision is not an exception. In order to make MW2 PC/360 only bound MS should make for the losses.

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ZombieAutopsy3178d ago

I would actually like it to be Xbox360 only, it would get alot of Ps3 players to play a shooter other than Call of Duty. I dont really see it happening though unless MS threw some money at them which i could see them doing because now-a-days i think CoD might be a good console seller. If it was gonna happen though it would most likely be soon, it would be a not as good move once the ps3 gets a price drop and sells more units. But this is all just my opinion and on N4G opinions are like herpes, alot of people have them but nobody wants to hear about it. :P

randomwiz3178d ago

You are very brave to say that on n4g.
"I would actually like it to be Xbox360 only, it would get alot of Ps3 players to play a shooter other than Call of Duty"

but i agree with you on the part where you say that it could be a serious console seller. Call of Duty is the most favored game between my friends, mainly because most of them own a 360. I stopped playing with them online, because I started to play Killzone 2(got it just a few days ago).

Syronicus3178d ago

COD4 was done the right way for me and no matter the console, it was and is the best online game "for me". At the moment, I play it primarily on the PSN and since that is where the majority of my friends are, it just makes sense to enjoy it ont he PSN. I would certainly be bummed if they went exclusive but would get over it as many of my friends and I would move over the 360 to continue playing the game in its second form.

I just cannot understand this idea of it going exclusive since it would not be beneficial for anybody. COD4 was multiplatform and it was awesome. I am sure they will continue to produce amazing games including Modern Warfare 2 so to say that anybody would be let down is a non issue.

In the end, there are millions of folks that bought COD4 ont he PS3 and are plenty of folks worth of incentive to keep the series going on the PS3 as well as the 360. It would be simple madness for Infinity Ward to not produce it for both consoles.

Spike473178d ago

I played the first Modern Warfare it was amazing, but I think I'll pass.

Natsu X FairyTail3178d ago

Yeah they could But That'd be a Silly move.

asyouburn3178d ago

does infinty ward hate money?

Fishy Fingers3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )


"Click on me, Click on me, Click on me, Naked Chicks!!!"

Fade_Walker3178d ago

It’s not Infinity Wards call, its Activision’s call.

It was a story about a week or so ago when Activision demanded a price cut for the PS3 or they would drop support for the PS3.

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