Sony: Cross-platform The Agency still 'up in the air'

Sony still hasn't decided whether PS3 and PC owners of upcoming super spy online action shooter The Agency will be able to play together.

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prabx3154d ago

If they can, that would be awesome!

Christopher3154d ago

Think they're waiting to beta test it overall. Would love to see it come to fruition. This game as a whole has kind of slowed the last year and I worry about that before this issue. I think they've focused more on DC Universe Online and this game may suffer from that focus.

Jinxstar3154d ago

I think all the MMO's will suffer from the FF14 announcement. MMO geeks(Like myself) likely wont want to invest heavily in any other console MMO... However since the PS3 has mouse/keyboard compatibility it would be great to see it go cross platform.

raztad3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )


You got a point but I think The Agency is so different to others (like FFXIV) that it will get its own niche market.

Probably MMO junkies like you :D can dig both gameplays. Traditional sword fighting/sorcery on one side and spy/mercs gunplay fighting on the other. Sounds good to me.

Regarding cross platform, I read they got the technical hurdles sorted but some issues remain. Lets hope this come to fruition, a MMO key to sucess is to be Massive :D. Btw, Free Realms is supposed to be cross platform isnt it?

Baka-akaB3154d ago

the public for the agency and FFXIV is far too different imo for both games to affect each others .
Same goes for DCU online i believe .

tristanmike3154d ago

Personally, I'm going to stay away from Squeenix games for a while. The quality hasn't been there. Sure, the games look spectacular, but story, character development, and the battle systems have been weak in the past few years, or compared to what I enjoy, so I'm looking forward to ANY mmo that isn't Final Fantasy (or WoW for that matter). Alot of my friends share similar sentiments about Squeenix. It'll be interesting to see how well it does though.

Jinxstar3154d ago

oh hey guys don't get me wrong. I have not felt the same way about square enix in a long time as well. But the quality of visuals looks good in FF14 and the majority of people will migrate to it pending it's anywhere near as indepth as 11 was.

The Agency and other games like free realms looks very simple when compared to other MMO's is all. Most people who truly enjoy a game like wow enjoy it for the 40 man raids or the 50vs 50 PVP. The math and tactics involved and otherwise. DCU has some of that going for it I can tell and I hope it stands out as a good game. However for a PC MMO I look to SWTOR with fully voiced and fleshed out characters, a huge universe and what looks like really deep playability. The Agency while it looks fun I feel it looks to simple. FF14 looks anything but simple... DCU I hope breaks the mold as well and has complexity to it but so far I'm not convinced. Don't get me wrong I feel it will have a good mix of casual meets hardcore similar to the vein of WoW but the universe doesn't seem that big when compared to other games... I just don't know. I have learned from the past to not have a ton of faith in MMO's until it's actually released(See Warhammer online, COH/COH, EQ2 and others)

Having said that I feel the agency will not flourish. DCU will have just enough support and FF14 will be huge. Heck I may love the Agency and hate FF14 but who knows... MMO's are so hit and miss because a dynamic audience is so hard to support.

RememberThe3573154d ago

With Square now using the Crystal tools you know this game is going to be beautiful.

I for one am I the type of gamer that will be interested in both games. However, I'm not really into MMO's, never seemed to warm up to the monthly fee thing. DC Universe, The Agency, and FF14 are the three MMO's I'm following right now.

Prototype3154d ago

I hope it is cross platform, my boys and I left Final Fantasy 11 for drama-related reasons and don't want to play WoW either

ThanatosDMC3154d ago

I say keep it separated. Nothing like a good sniper that uses a mouse vs one that uses a controller.

FPS: Mouse > controller.

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KilZoneGeneralStrife3154d ago

I got confused which is which,but one is Sega and the other Rockstar games.I want them to do cross platform :D I know. . .controller vs mouse . . . . .may end up being just plain wrong online though. . .

AssassinHD3154d ago

"The Agency" is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment, not Sega. "Agent" is being developed by Rockstar.

Mindboggle3154d ago

Yh they are very similar and there is guarenteed to be some confusion amungst customers when the game comes out...

poopsack3154d ago

BTW its just "Agent" which makes it badass.

divideby03154d ago

aint gonna happen...wish it did....but its to late now to think about it..

Jinxstar3154d ago

Well. The main problem would be making the engines cross plat. honestly it would save them server space and such and ultimately if they could match the engines it seems like a great opportunity for them.

i_am_interested3154d ago

the cross platform play is already in place, they demoed it at E3 09

the reason its still up in the air is because of the disadvantages that players with controls on ps3 will have against players using kb/m on pc who will no doubt have the advantage when it comes to accuracy

BBCnewsrocks3154d ago

like I-am-interested already said, it's technically possible and cross platform play was shown off at E3, biggest problem is kb/m vs. controller issues.

RememberThe3573154d ago

There is an advantage for PC in versus play but if it was just co-op the unbalance wouldn't matter as much.

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slyrunner3154d ago

Do you have to pay to play this game for either system,or no?

Syronicus3154d ago

But the rumor a while back was that the game would support micro-transactions rather than a monthly fee.

a_squirrel3154d ago

I doubt it, since MAG doesnt have a fee

Baka-akaB3154d ago

What bothers me is that given for how long the game has been in development already , going cross platform or not for the servers , should have been decided already !!!

BBCnewsrocks3154d ago

they've already implemented cross platform play, they're just deciding whether they should keep it in or not.

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