Opinion: On Sony's PS3 Past, Present, Future (Pt.1)

Gamasutra writes:

"The PlayStation 1 redefined gaming, opening up entirely new markets of game-players and breaking all records for console sales. Its successor, the PlayStation 2, is still the biggest-selling game console of all time -- and continues to sell, despite being technically inferior to its competitors for almost four years.

Altogether, the PlayStation family has earned Sony billions of dollars in profit. The latest incarnation -- the PlayStation 3 -- has now been on sale for a couple of years.

But Sony Corporation recently announced its first annual net loss in 14 years -- just over $1 billion -- and predicted that 2009 would net an even larger loss, close to $1.5 billion.

What happened? And what's next for the former king of the console market?"

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Natsu X FairyTail3116d ago

'The PS3's main non-cosmetic new feature - PSN - has a very small portfolio of games''

fail. Lost all interest in reading this after that.

ChozenWoan3116d ago

There was no mention of Blu-Ray, web browsing, Home, or the fact that PSN has not only games, but also movies and tv shows. Besides, we all know that the only thing Sony needs to do is lower the price.

From a business standpoint, Sony has been doing the right thing with keeping the price where it is. If they had lowered the price last fall, they would have surely sold more units, but that would have been a double edged sword at their own throats. With Sony taking a loss on each unit sold, selling more units would only send them deeper in dept. As a self professed business consultant, I would expect the author to understand this basic principle. But since he is obviously caught up in the console war himself, his vision is rosy.

It's funny how some 30 mil people want to declare an end to this generation of consoles and declare a winner, after just 2-3 years in. Especially when both of the HD console manufactures have stated that this is going to be a 10 year console cycle, not a 5 year one.

Not to mention that the whole gaming industry is waiting for Sony (not MS) to lower the price of their console. Does Activision and other industry insiders believe that something big will happen once the PS3 hits $299. Why isn't it so important for the 360 to lower in price, surely there must be lots of people waiting to purchase one once the price drops a little bit more... or has it's sales already peaked?

Hey, I'm just offering up my opinion. It's just as valid as the authors as well as your own. So feel free to post yours, the net is still a haven of free speach... for the most part anyway.

darthv723116d ago

I see it as the "3rd Console Curse". 3CC happens (happened) to every other company who was lucky enough to stick around for a 3rd time. Some even went for a 4th and continued to flounder.