Alien vs Predator's spinal extraction "the money shot" says SEGA

Love Predator? Love spines getting ripped out of cocky, armed humans? SEGA has revealed developer Rebellion has been working on it, "it's fantastic".

Rob Bartholomew, SEGA's EU brand manager, has gleefully talked up the game's "trophy kills", where a Predator "caresses the spinal cord and purrs." It's something "everyone recognises".

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Raptor3156d ago

I don't care about "Predator"

Just give us a real Aliens game. Get some commandos in space fighting Aliens, James Cameron style. Awesome.

Rockox3156d ago

The inclusion of Predator in this game won't prevent me from buying it, but yeah, I'd much prefer an Aliens-only game. I'm really looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines and I hope one day they'll bring back the idea of an Aliens RPG.

Major_Tom3156d ago

*Sigh those guys*

This game just keeps getting sooooo freaking good. Can't wait for this, the original talents back at it.