The Mysterious Appeal of Ueda's Worlds

SVGL writes : "After we all ooh-ed and aah-ed at the E3 video for Team ICO's new project, The Last Guardian -- which a majority of (super unscientific) SVGL poll respondents said was a PS3-seller -- many of you weighed in on the community discussion as we tried to answer one question: What, exactly, makes that game seem so good, when most of us are in agreement that it's nearly impossible to tell much about a game from its early trailer?

The answer proved to be elusive. It's pretty hard to pin down what about it makes many of us not just enthusiastic, but emotional -- and mulling it over prompted lots of you to extend the question not only to Last Guardian, but to the rest of Ueda's oeuvre, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, too."

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Vortigaunt3303d ago

Ueda games have interesting concepts, but are laughable in terms of gameplay, and that's what matters the most in a videogame. That's probably why his games are only popular to a really, really small group of niche gamers on the internet.

fishd3303d ago

Don't worry, when you grow older, you will understand... you can Enjoy playing Bungie's games till then.see ya!

RememberThe3573303d ago

In fact I'm questioning if you've ever actually played one of his games. I suppose if your not into amazing art styles, story telling, environments, or immersion, you'd have that view.

Video games are not just about gameplay. Gameplay is important but not the only aspect. Video games are amazing because they are an interactive art form. That means not only do you see hear and feel a world, you control it. You become a part of it.

What makes a game great or not is whether or not you become a part of it. When you play Ueda's game you become a part of them. That is why they are great.