Criticizing Video Game Critics: You're Doing It Wrong

As the years go on in the gaming industry, it becomes quite frequent to find that consumers are lashing back at developers who make blunders and bad decisions. The writer of the piece calls this phenomenon "consumer criticism." It's usually founded with legitimate concerns and arguments and they have every right to voice them. The lowest common detractor, however, likes to call this "bitching" and a lot of other things, in fact, and none of the most common arguments put forth by them are actually stable enough to stand upright on both legs.

This Hellforge writer takes a look at the most commonly leveled arguments against video game critics by game developers, publishers and detractors in general and how to counter them.

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StillGray3302d ago

I think that the idea that the customer is always wrong and that it needs to be treated like criminals is just one of the ways the industry is betraying its users. It's very disheartening to go to an official forum and watch as the "Community Manager" mocks anyone who complains. Hellgate: London was terrible like that, and Spore's forum doesn't seem too different.

iseven3302d ago

the only game critic anyone should listen to is themsleves. Just rent the game. If you like it, then buy a copy. If you don't, then don't buy it. That's it. Don't try to convince anyone if the game is right or not for them. It's like trying to make all your friends agree on 1 pizza topping. It wont work.

LightofDarkness3302d ago

People usually get away with pepperoni. Unless there's one picky eater with a large financial stake who refuses to eat anything but plain. That guy's a jerk.

StillGray3302d ago

Agreed, but sometimes you need an expert to whom you share the same views to keep you informed of the latest games. If you know you share his or her tastes and he or she recommends a game, you'll know that you won't be disappointed by the selection.

Lots of games don't have demos these days, so it's often necessary to rely on the expertise of game reviewers.

Can't rent PC games, besides.

Pennywise3302d ago

I guess I am a jerk because I think pepperoni is a greasy, disgusting, overly processed nasty meat.

StillGray3302d ago

I'm a vegan, so I most definitely think that pepperoni is nasty, in addition to everything that you've said, Pennywise.

Pennywise3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Sol, it must be really nasty because I love meats(steak, hamburgers, Roast Beef, etc) And I HATE HATE HATE Pepperoni... lol

@ LightofDarkness - Look what you have started... haha(I'm starving, so I ran with it)

LightofDarkness3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

God damn, it was just a joke guys...

I like my meats, but really just chicken and beef (steak, burgers, roast). Not big on pork, lamb or the various other reds. I don't even like pepperoni that much, but don't mind it on pizza, it's usually the one that all parties find neutral.

EDIT: hehe, yeah. I wonder how long this topic of pizza can go on for... and now I have to have pizza for dinner.

StillGray3302d ago

I miss eating meat sometimes, though. Well, only sometimes. But it doesn't really take much effort at all to resist. The health benefits from going vegan alone are incredible.

But I really digress from the topic, hahaha.

LightofDarkness3302d ago

Whoa, vegan's a tough diet. I reckon I could pull it off due to a love of Indian curries (I would often survive on a single veg curry for a few days in college) as well as pasta marinara. I could eat pizza too with no meats toppings, but eating pizza in general defeats the healthy eating aspect really. Plus my vegan friends have noted a necessity to get a number of dietary supplements in order to avoid malaises like anaemia. A friend of mine actually had to deign to eat a portion or two of red meat a week because her system wasn't capable of a pure vegetarian/vegan diet.

table3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Health benefits from being vegan? It's more of a moral issue diet than a healthy diet, infact being vegan is very unhealthy. No offense, but I think vegans are very selfish. They give people like me, who have a gluten intolerance and need to follow a strict diet, a bad reputation because of a vegans fussyness particulary in restaurants.

Handsome_Devil3302d ago

"The health benefits from going vegan alone are incredible"

Dude what health benefites you are talking about???

you are missing on essinsial proteins, and essinsial Fatty acids your body need. not to mention vitamen B12, which is very important to your body, and you can not get it from vegtables.

Pennywise3302d ago

Sol, These guys are right. As a vegan you should know its very unhealthy and you always need to take like 20 vitamins a day to get the nutrients you need.

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bjornbear3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

However, this photo always made my hungry for Pizza =( dno why...maybe its their faces, they look like they are spotting some pizza over the shoulder =3 *nham*

EDIT_ On topic, i agree, people are way too harsh on critics, but there are some that are just plain awful, and some sites are just no good for reviews (gameradar - i love the site its hilarious, but hopeless for reviews)

kaveti66163302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

The funny thing is that by the time I finished reading all of the comments on pepperoni and veganism I had forgotten what the article was about. I agree with all the guys who said the vegan diet is unhealthy. You need to take dietary supplements to get all the vitamins you need if you plan on not eating any meat or dairy products, as most vegans don't even eat cheese or drink milk.

Every morning I wake up with a profound respect for all animals. And then I walk to my car and see what gifts the pigeons have laid upon my windshield so plentifully, and all I want to do is eat a cow.