Diablo III's First Year: Secrets, Announcements & Colours, the biggest Diablo site on the net, has released a first year review of Diablo III since the announcement just over a year ago.

This first part discuss the secret history of Diablo III, the Splash Screen mystery before WWI 2008 in Paris, the huge announcement, the WWI coverage, the colour controversy, Blizzard/Activision merger and many other related events of the first few months after the announcement.

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kerriganss3269d ago

thats so awsome bookmarked for later read :)

Leord3269d ago

I think you'll find that was at BlizzCon, later that year ;)

Terrice3269d ago

Ahh, the good ol' art controversy...

Narutone663269d ago

that LAN is supported unlike Starcraft 2.

Maticus3269d ago

Are we any closer to a beta?

Jhun3269d ago

Well from the Blizzards track record looks like we're only 38546383759371038743837 days away from release!

However when it does release, I'm sure it'll be a 390282740547593927101840472047 3 seller

Torkith3269d ago

Hardly, the Starcraft 2 beta has not even started yet.

ThanatosDMC3269d ago

Someone wake me up from my coffin when this game gets release. They really should stop writing anything about this game when there's nothing to say.

JonahNL3269d ago

Excellent read! Just what I was looking for! I've been playing a lot of Diablo II lately and I just can't bloody wait for DIII! ^_^

Leord3269d ago

Let's hope it takes less time from announcement than SC2 has, so far :P

Holyknight30003269d ago

An excellent read and a full detailed look into the History of the first few months after the game was first announced.

Terrice3269d ago

Indeed, it was a well done round-up

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The story is too old to be commented.