Dreams about Reality - Fumito Ueda's Legacy

Fumito Ueda creates the most beautiful of fantasy worlds, though what he struggles for is to create something that resembles our everyday reality.

He wants to leave something for future generations but doesn't want to see his games in a museum.

He prefers to stay working at his desk but gives LEVEL a chance to get to know one of the modern gaming-world's most original designers a little better.

Ueda looks a little lost.

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fishd2969d ago

"To leave something to future generations would feel great. But I don't want my games to end up in a museum. I'd rather see that someone in a hundred years from now finds one of my games and play it. That way it's solid proof that I've made something timeless. and therefore lasting. That would be my legacy." -Fumito Ueda

Wow,I am telling you right now...You succeeded!

rockleex2965d ago

Only 20% and 3 comments? -_-"

Ps_alm3k2969d ago

everyone get the same copy at the same time..: )
Very humble man.

ColossiSlayer2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Right up there with
Will Wright (Sim Anything)
Miyamota (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon?)
Yamauici (Gran Turismo, Omega Boost)
Kojima (Metal Gear, Policenauts)
excuse my spelling....
My kids will play all his games.... When I have them that is........
Qoute about SOTC
"- We made the game for people like me, who love to play games, and that made Shadow of the Colossus a little more advanced than ICO. Every aspect of the game was raised to a new level and that unfortunately made the game selective and hard to get a GRIP on." - I gotta good laugh out of that.
After reading what he said about technical limitations. I can see why I always felt as if SOTC was "The first PS3 game". Team Ico literally pushed the PS2 to its limit without ANY LOAD TIMES but the beginning and being teleported back to the temple.
The Last Guardian will be the Greatest Game Ever.