Crysis: Photorealistic surfaces due to Texture Pack

The guys at PC games Hardware dug up another modding project for Crysis. This texture pack delivers textures for Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) giving the game realistic surfaces. There is now information about how much the textures affect the performance.

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The Meerkat3182d ago

I is be needing a better PC.

Crazyglues3182d ago

My god that's amazing, this game just keeps getting better and better..

moses3182d ago

Yay modding community!!

FragMnTagM3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

looks like it is time to get two new graphics cards. Got the mobo, CPU, just need better graphics cards.

That street picture looks really nice.

nothere4133182d ago

BUT (and this is one huge but) how will the gameplay be?

The Original Crysis was really mediocre in the gameplay department. Hopefully they'll fix that instead of just making it nicer to look at.

MagicAccent3182d ago

...Crysis is officially better looking than real life.

aaron58293182d ago


Exactly how i felt. I bought a new PC just to play this game. Graphics are really really impressive, but i gave up playing half way through, i thought it bored me...

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edhe3182d ago

lost your spelling also. ;)

KionicWarlord2223182d ago

*starts to respond..then stops*


devilhunterx3182d ago

Cant wait til Crytek goes into game development. I mean it be WOW!

devilhunterx3181d ago

Play Crysis and Far Cry 1. Plays like tech demos than real games.

poopsack3182d ago

those look great, remind me of this screen right here, amazing how far games have come.

Kleptic3182d ago

killzone 2 has by far the best ground textures of any console game so far...but yeah, this mod is a bit more impressive imo...

FantasyStar3182d ago

Damn, this game just won't die. That's a good thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.