HDWarriors Interview: The Grinder

In this (full) interview with Matt Corso and Josh VanVeld of High Voltage Software, many a glimpse is given into what to expect, and what the thought processes are so far in the early stages of development of The Grinder.

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EvilTwin3151d ago

Hmm...sounds like they're trying to cross Left 4 Dead (which we all knew was an aim) with House of the Dead: Overkill. Could be interesting. Could be too derivative.

I'm willing to look past some of the generic stuff in Conduit because it's their first foray into the FPS field. But they're going to have to do more than a homage with Grinder.

Shnazzyone3151d ago

This might just be a system seller (like wii needs it) if they can just market it as well as they did the conduit and really beef up what they offered on the conduit. Hopefully they will know a bit more about what wii FPS gamers want now and make the conduit really kick butt. Perhaps the conduit will be their FPS competitive IP and the Grinder will represent their FPS Co-op IP.

Meanwhile I think HVS is really starting to prove themselves as a great 3rd party dev for Nintendo. Wii owners need a few killer apps and perhaps HVS can deliver at least a few megatons before wii goes HD.

TruthbeTold3151d ago

To some extent HVS has held onto the string that core Nintendo gamers were holding onto for the past year and kept us from falling too far away. Now they're kicking it into the next gear.

Double Toasted3150d ago

Wii Speak is a must for the online or people who don't have or plan on buying Wii Speak, need not hop I right?