Real Zelda Players Choose to Hold

On Saturday night Dathen Boccabella sat down and began another playthrough of Ocarina of Time. Without a doubt, it deserves its position as the greatest game ever; however, as always, there was something that annoyed Dathen. Surprisingly, this time it wasn't Navi, or Kaepora Gaebora, or even the iron boots not being a C-item. This time it was Z targeting, or as it's more recently called, L targetting.

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kesvalk3148d ago

no amount of fail could describe this article... who approved something like this!?

Cheeseknight283148d ago

That was easily the most pointless article I've ever read in my life.

Gen0ne3148d ago

I didn't take the time to look at who posted this laughable article but whoever they are, be embarrassed. And for the record, I always choose the toggle over hold on just about every game. And any "real" Zelda gamer ( or any gamer for that matter ) acclimates. So you prefer to hold instead of toggle... alert the media! Which unfortunately, you have. Next time... actually, let's just hope there isn't a next time.

n4f3148d ago

i know fail this much

ChickeyCantor3148d ago

One thing is for sure MGS2 without the hold function for FP view....>_>

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PS360WII3148d ago

"Some people complain that their left index finger gets sore holding it for all that time, but that's part of the point. You can't expect to be a hero without some pain along the way. It's called a challenge."

lol wow this is one of the funnier things I've read in awhile. So this author believes holding down a button for long extended periods equals a challenge ><

Quadrix3148d ago

Oh please...Majora's Mask surpasses Ocarina of Time in every conceivable way.

Your Mother3148d ago

I laugh at the fact that you all go on here about how the article fails, but not one of you can actually make an argument for switch targeting over hold. Furthermore, none of you seem to have the guts to actually post feedback at the website itself.

Cheeseknight283148d ago

The funniest part here is that you're already wrong. I posted something on the site before even posting here. Happy now?

If you want to know why switch is better, maybe you should actually go to the article and read the comment I posted.

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