Thrall and King Varian Arrive to the Argent Tournament Coliseum has video of the scene in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King PTR 3.2 where Thrall and King Varian arrive to the Argent Tournament Coliseum to witness the events. They are welcomed by Highlord Tirion Fordring.

The in-game event is played every few minutes, and it contains voice over which can be heard across the Argent Tournament Grounds.

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Medievaldragon3244d ago

Love the continuity with the mentions of what happened at the Violet Citadel during the Secrets of Ulduar cinematics. Garrosh and Varian clashed, and Rhonin separated them.

The grudge continues and the tension can be felt between both factions. All out war is eventually going to explode in their faces very soon.

Maticus3244d ago

It replays every 20 mins? People doing their dailies will get sick of that emote pretty quickly.

Leord3244d ago

Yes, a little bit overkill :P

Malfurion3244d ago

Thrall is being extremely weak at the moment. Gorrosh is just basically ignoring him lol. I hope something soon happens to put him back as a firm leader.

Leord3244d ago

My two favourite characters from wow lore :)

JeepGamer3243d ago

Sad part is that I play Alliance, I've always played Alliance, I can't stand playing Horde.

Yet I think Thrall is awesome and Varian is a prick.