Sales Figures January-June 2009: UK Loves Nintendo

The figures, compiled by GfK Chart-Track, show family-oriented and educational games have become the most popular with the UK public. With combined sales volumes of 1.65 million units, Nintendo's Wii Fit, Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii titles equate to 72% of the top five 'best sellers' chart. The period also saw total sales of Nintendo's Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training surpass the three million units mark to become the UK's most popular game ever.

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mathsman3215d ago

As predictable as this was, I still think it's good news. People aren't just buying their Wii and DS for one or two games - they're actually buying more and more games for them after. I think we finally have proof this isn't just a fad...

SpoonyRedMage3215d ago

Yup. Surprisingly I even saw Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker in the charts in the HMV! That Akira Toriyama artwork must have made some parents think it was a really kiddy game but introducing kids to something as good as Dragon Quest is a good thing regardless if it's accidental.

muddygamesite3215d ago

Thats a good point, and I,m happy for them. I just hope the WII's success is not at the expense of the hardcore gamers and the titles they love. Very well done to Killzone 2 for appearing on that list. A pleasant surprise and it shows the title does indeed have good chart longevity.

This is a shout out to all Hardcore Gamers out there : Look at these charts and be ashamed of yourselves (including myself). We should all be out there buying games, and making our most loved titles dominate that list. Although I am a PS3 fan, I think fans of both HD consoles should give the Wii some competition. It seems like the Wii is enjoying some undisputed success and we are all sitting there and watching it make fun of us. Although there is an argument that Casual gamers and non gamers make up most of the nintendo Wii's success, It should not really be a valid excuse.

Lets all do the best we can.


arika3215d ago

killzone 2 is the number 1 next gen game in uk. this game is awesome! just finished this game yesterday and i have to say that this is the best first person shooter that i have ever seen and played. if you don't believe me then you haven't played killzone 2 yet. thats is why if you don't own a ps3 yet, the bundle coming to bestbuy with mgs4 and killzone 2 included, is going to be the best bundle ever.

Mindboggle3215d ago

UK does sure love nintendo but out of all those nintendo games are first party apart from one. It just proves nintendo is terrible for third party games, as people with wiis dont really buy games unless they are made by nintendo...

Greywulf3215d ago

Or did it out perform the PS3 version?

Either way, GG deserved it. Best FPS this gen

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cyguration3215d ago

I think the world over loves the wii. Even though more Wii games are appearing on the charts they're still doing pretty bad when it comes to the critics.

Gamer_Politics3215d ago

well i dont like that whole Wii gimmick but its killing the charts with alot of hardware/software bein sold..

Ju3215d ago

I post this here, because that's how censorship on n4g works:

(come on, delete me).

Halo3 MLG Pro3215d ago

LOL! That's a weak article. What if I create an article stating " Professor Layton and the Curious Village outsells Killzone 2 in UK."

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