AusGamers Splinter Cell: Conviction Interview

In a video interview with AusGamers, Splinter Cell Associate Producer, Jean-Francois Poire is asked why the game was made exclusive to Microsoft.

He also talks about vision for the game, the new art-direction and just how dynamic the game-world will be for creative players.

From AusGamers:

AGN: Actually one last question: The decision to go exclusively with Xbox 360 and PC - was this just a deal you made with Microsoft? Did you choose to only go with those two platforms?

Jean-Francois: Well originally Splinter Cell was an exclusive title to Xbox, and with Conviction (the decision) really allowed us to work on the tech, get good support from Microsoft and really build something that will allow us to use all the tech that's available with the Xbox 360. So for us it was a good starting point to work with Microsoft on this title exclusively.

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coolirisGB3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

This is the reason I'm getting the 360 this looks so fun and it looks amazing nothing compares. SCC goes to E3 part 2

KionicWarlord2223027d ago


Steven spielberg was impressed

phosphor1123027d ago

That it isn't coming to the PS3. Though hopefully maybe the 360 will have a flagship title that takes advantage of the 360. Maybe we can do proper comparisons after that instead of half-assed ports from either side.

Natsu X FairyTail3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Why do Cooliris got so many disagrees?

You Can't disagree with him gettign a X360 for this game. This doesnt make no sense.

on topic: Im in Horror Game Mode @ the momment , Currently playing Silent Hill Homecoming(Scary) and will be playing a bunch of Old school Horror titles on my PS2 and GC the Whole summer!!!!! I'm really Hyped for SC:Conviction when it'll come it will be a change of the style im playing at the time.

ubisoft will do a great job with this title.

velcry3027d ago

French to English: Well originally Splinter Cell was an exclusive title to Xbox, and with Conviction (the decision) really allowed us to work on the tech....

Original French: Money.

Seriously, I would say good job Ubisoft. Although I won't get to play it, because I only have a PS3, I would say its better if developers focus on one platform whenever possible. It helps makes games better, and us gamers are better off for it.

Natsu X FairyTail3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

dont say ''I won't get to play it because I have a PS3''

In my Case , I dont have a PS3 in my house but I'Ve played Almost every ps3 exclusives at Family and Friends houses over the past Year. I still have to play Infamous though.Not Owning the console live in your home isnt a good reason enough for you to not play this game . You can either get yourself a Xbox360 or Buy the Windows Games Version Or Play it at a friend house(Games are always more enjoyable when you play them with friends :) ) . It's your choice

3027d ago
Kareshi_X3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

you feel better now? you came and Acheived your Stealth Trolling !
God job boy You want A Cookie now?

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Syronicus3027d ago

And have to admit that this one is disappointing me. Sure it looks great and will more than likely play great but it is not Sam Fisher to me and seems to have taken the wrong path. I love the original and wish they would have done something more similar to that.

Timesplitter143027d ago

"Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 Exclusivity Explained"

...some people REALLY want to start a fight...

3027d ago
XboxUltimateAlliance3027d ago

Looks amazing. Sound amazing. Will be in my Xbox 360 on day one. And its cool knowing the whole mark and Execute mechanics will be used in multiplayer also.

Tarasque3027d ago

MS thanks you either way son.......

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Christopher3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

That tells me that this is likely a time exclusive for 360 and PC. Nothing they've said has pointed at it only being on the 360, only starting on the 360.

Seems likely we'll be seeing this on the PS3 6 to 12 months down the road, which is weird since it usually is better if they make the PS3 the primary and port it to the 360.

I'll probably get this for the 360 if I do get it right away.

3027d ago
Str8laced3027d ago

Maybe Killjoy wondered into the wrong article?

3027d ago
Natsu X FairyTail3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Do you even take the time to actually READ what you write before posting ?

you said that you will be to busy playing RE5 and all of the early 2010 PS3 exclusives!

RE5 been out for a Few months and All the Early 2010 PS3 exclusives shall be out IN 2010 and SplinterCell Coems out in 2009!!!! So How is that even Relevant to this Article? Plus nobody said that PS3 did not have games. You brung that to the table yourself.

Killjoy30003027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Did you even take the time to consider that RE5 was seperate from those PS3 exclusives? There is still a backlog of Multiplatform titles I have to get to. For example, I just picked up Prince of Persia. I was in no way making the incinuation that RE5 was either releasing later next year or is exclusive to PS3.

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3027d ago
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Boody-Bandit3027d ago

That is the old you're damned if you do damned if you don't. When developers don't mix things up people say this is the same game with a new coat of paint. When they do make changes you hear why change what works?

Personally I never really got into Splinter Cell in the past. I played a few but never finished one of them and that is a rarity for me because I usually finish every game I play. This game has me on the edge of my seat waiting for more information and anticipating it's release.

I like that Ubisoft gives the player the choice to play the game they way they choose. It appears to be a faster paced game with a lot of new gameplay elements. Now all I want to know is what type of online modes will there be.

Syronicus3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I can see where you are coming from and agree that the game will be a good one just for the sake of it's developers and history but have to say, I loved what Splinter Cell was and still do. It would have been just as cool if they would have spit the game off as a new IP and then brought SC back to its roots. I know it's a long shot and a pipe dream but I just miss the SC of old.

I guess if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Jinxstar3027d ago

Maybe he got disagrees because it says its coming to PC as well(Read the article). Maybe it's ignorant fanboys. Maybe people don't think 1 game is worth buying a system for... No matter what it is though it's all up to him if he thinks it's worth it...

Christopher3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

My original statement said that from what they're saying this seems like a timed exclusive because they're talking about beginning this with the PC/360. I wonder if this will eventually make it to the PS3 because of this but otherwise will buy it for the 360 if I do buy it.

Mr Remington3027d ago

I can respect a developer that doesn't take their game multiplat to make it better. As long as they didn't get cash shoved up their asses by MS to keep it off of Playstation.

Jaces3027d ago

Bah, it's really because it's only possible on the 360.

lol, j/k :D

phosphor1123027d ago

Is it because I wished it would come to PS3? Or is it that I said its about time the 360 had games exclusive to the architecture of the system??

Raul_73027d ago

I just hope my core X360 wont die on me before playing this game.

mikeslemonade3027d ago

Obviously Microsoft has payed this team and made some sort of a deal to ubisoft to keep it exclusive. I have a 360 now and I got it because i'm away from home where my PS3 and Wii is located. I'm pretty happy that I got the 360. I always liked the controller over the dualshock 3. The game looks impressive and the gameplay looks amazing. However Uncharted 2 kills this game in the graphics and physics department. I've been out of the loop in gaming news but yesterday I saw both Uncharted 2 and Splinter Cell 5 previews. I watched Splinter Cell and was blown away that the 360 can do this and then I watched Uncharted 2 I was even more blown away.

shingo3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

"So for us it was a [b]good starting point[/b] to work with Microsoft on this title exclusively. "

To me, that sounds like it's a timed exclusive. Just watch and see it happening. This will follow the same route as Ninja Gaiden II's, Bioshock's, etc. But as for now, 360 owners have a really impressive game to play this fall :) As for me, I'm getting it on PC ;)

Bubble Buddy3026d ago

I'm a PS3 boy but this game is really looking crazy. Reminds me of Jason Bourne and that's awesome. I might have to camp out at my cousin's or friend's for a few days to play this :P

Gorgon3026d ago

Strange, I don't get why my comment was deleted by a mod. It was quite candid, in fact.

Go figure.

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KionicWarlord2223027d ago

"AGN: Actually one last question: The decision to go exclusively with Xbox 360 and PC - was this just a deal you made with Microsoft? Did you choose to only go with those two platforms?

Jean-Francois: Well originally Splinter Cell was an exclusive title to Xbox, and with Conviction (the decision) really allowed us to work on the tech, get good support from Microsoft and really build something that will allow us to use all the tech that's available with the Xbox 360. So for us it was a good starting point to work with Microsoft on this title exclusively."

Nicely put. Nothing bad as said.

TheColbertinator3027d ago

Yeah seems like good strategy to me.Microsoft provided them with the dev kits and assistance in promotion

KionicWarlord2223027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Game`s going to be a nice ride.

hulk_bash19873027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

He is right about the question being answered w/out any backhanded comments about the opposite camp (unlike turn10 against polyphony).

Kind of like why Kojima decided to go PS3 only with MGS4 to take advantage of the hardware.

With that said i cant wait for this game, Definitely one of my most anticipated games of 09.

3027d ago
hulk_bash19873027d ago

Indeed it is my friend, indeed it is. Which is why I happily own both consoles.

ShabzS3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

... bottom line: this game is going to rock and we get to play it ...

the rest can still play it on the pc ... so try it on that ... dont let "the microsoft hate" let you miss out on a great game

Jinxstar3027d ago

Even as a huge PS3 fan I can agree that it was a well worded statement. He's a good PR guy.

Kaneda3027d ago

Is that mean time exclusive? :) he said a good starting point to work on 360...

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Mo0eY3027d ago

"get good support from Microsoft"

When he means support, he means financially. M$, passing the checks since Windows NT.

KionicWarlord2223027d ago

Well it might not always be exclusive ....

DelbertGrady3027d ago

I think he means the kind of support Sony does not give third party devs.

KionicWarlord2223027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

This games just going to be too much win . And there`s a book coming out.

Fall cant come any sooner.

Nelson M3027d ago

It Looks as if Sam Fisher is Gonna Kick that Blokes Back Door's In

PotNoodle3026d ago

Soda, sony are willing to support the good third parties. Kojima always said that one of the main reasons for making MGS4 PS3 exclusive was the great support the got from sony.

But yeah, in a way i'm glad conviction is console exclusive to the 360, almost everyone knows that _usually_ exclusive games are of a better quality thanks to the fact the development team can put their all into one platform, and it looks like it has paid off, conviction looks incredible.

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Persistantthug3027d ago

I'm fairly new to this generation of gaming (PS3 purchased 6 months ago), and I have to say I'm a little saddened by the fact that I won't be getting to play this on my PS3. I pretty much skipped most of last generation consoles and I've been wanting to play the Splinter Cell series for a long time. I'm a little disappointed.


I am sorry, but i have to ask... How old are you ? what do you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking ?

I am not having a dig at you, but just wonder how you missed most of last gen, i mean what did you miss exactly, the xbox games or the ps2 games.

If you really want to i am sure you could pic up an old xbox for real cheap/ old ps2 as well.

I missed most of last gens ps2 games because i was an xbox only owner ( though i still played a few round friends houses etc.

This gen i made sure i got a 60gig ps3 so i can catch up on the ps2 games that i think are still worth playing and not miss out on this gens ps3 games. At the same time i also own a 360 so i won't miss any of them either.

with the price point of the 360 arcade i really don't see why people can't get both if they really really want to. If you really want it just to play some of the exclusives then you don't need to spend lots of money on the HDD and gold membership etc.

trust me owning both really is the best. you don't miss out on anything.

ShabzS3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

... but i played everygame that i could play and was worth playing last gen on my pc ... its a trooper ...

it ran games like far cry, halo, doom 3, half life 2, gta series, prince of persias, splinter cells, metal gear 2, hitman series, medal of honours, call of duties, no one lives forevers, Max Payne seires...

i ran every last gen game on that pc ... of course now its obsolete and under powered but back in the day it was a trooper.. this time i swore to my self to not miss out on games ... i already have a 360 and .... a ps3 is coming soon..

you cant go wrong on multi consoles

FragMnTagM3027d ago

+Bubble. That is exactly how I feel about the fanboy console wars.
I own both also and it is a good thing.

da720izcumin3027d ago

you should really look into picking up a me after you play your favorite game on live. it's a whole new perspective.

Persistantthug3026d ago


The reason I missed "most" of last gen, as I said, was because I spent most of my gaming time with PC games....specifically MMORPG's. Console wise, I did have a Dreamcast, but because of the MMO's, I didn't even really play it all that much, really.

Currently, I do have a PS3, but because of the "hard times" economically speaking, I probably won't be getting an XBOX any time soon. Perhaps eventually, but at the moment, like for many people right now, money is tight so the console purchase I made had to be made carefully and with a "full scope of purpose", so to speak.

It's really too bad Splinter Cell is off the table for me right now, It really looks like a great game to come. :(

DARK WITNESS3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i get what your saying, thats why i was asking about what you do and how old you are.

again i did not mean to ask in an offensive way , if that's how it came across i am sorry. its different for everyone. I mean if your a youngster living at home with parents i can understand that maybe they would only buy you one console.

If your an adult then you have responsibilities so again i can understand. It really just depends on what your responsibilities are, truth is most people are just not good with money anyway, and now that things are hard for most people they are in an even harder spot.

right now i would not say i have some great high paying job or anything, but i do plan my spending as carefully as i can.

I can only really compare the price to what i know of here in the UK, but an arcade with 1 game is about £120 - 130 or so. If you get a pre-owned arcade you can get it for less then a £100. in my mind thats about as cheap as you could really wish for. i mean thats cheaper then a psp or DS.

ok you have all the accessories, but this is the whole point and reason why MS structured the 360 this way.

If your not a die hard 360 fan and you really just want it for the games. you can buy one for less the £100. you will still have everything you need to actually play the game. If later on you want to build on that experience, the month after you can buy the wireless adapter ( again only if you really need it, cos you can always use cable instead which i do )

again if a month or two later you decide maybe you would like to download some stuff, you can buy the HDD. the great thing is you buy as and when you decide you need it or think you can afford it.

still it all depends on your personal circumstance. i don't know what your responsibilities are, but if its really that hard for you that you can't afford to buy an arcade with no extras then i really hope things get better for you.

I don't mean this in any bad way, i know people who have lost their jobs so any kind of unnecessary spending is not in their books.

when you think about it, a new arcade is about the same price as buying 3 new games. At the moment i buy a game finish it in a weekend and take it back for a full credit note. i will only keep a game if a really really think its worth it.

Anyway, i hope at some point things get better and you are in a position to buy one. its not about being a fan, its not about being a fanboy or supporting one company over another. its just about playing great games, being a gamer.

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