Target breaking Elite street date, now on eBay

It seems like the game industry just isn't as solid as it once was reports. Games are discovered long before they are officially announced and street dates are broken left and right. Case in point: if the photo provided is indeed genuine, it looks like Target has broken the street date on the Xbox 360 Elite. Not only has the street date been broken, but it has been broken by more than a week.

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ITR4138d ago

He or she probably showed up at Target and b!tched at the LOD until he or she got one.
Or he or she just happened to show up when the sys hit the floor from receiving. TM don't know the street dates so it could've easily been put out.

Either way you probably can find a Wal-Mart doing the same stuff.

risk4137d ago

hes selling it for $600 to start, i bet he is going to buy a PS3 when its sold!

eques judicii4138d ago

probably won't sell it if he's asking for 600 as a starting bid

Diselage4138d ago

I'm sure theres someone out there who wants it bad enough or just wants the bragging rights to buy the system at the inflated price. Never underestimate peoples ability to want what's new and how silly they will be to get it.

Sphinx4138d ago

Even if I wanted the Elite right now (or if my wife would let me get one), I can wait until it officially releases to save over $100.

shotty4138d ago

He should have opened and claimed the glory for the first person to unbox the elite and capture all that on film, then put it on ebay. Maybe host the video himself and litter it with google ads and easily make up for 10 times the cost of the elite ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.