Four Outstanding JRPGs That Every Gamer Should Play

There is little doubt that most gamers have a favorite RPG that they can name. However, there are a few outstanding titles that every gamer should play at least once in their lives to round out the experience. A Limit Break writer takes a look at the four JRPGs that every gamer ought to experience.

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Light Yagami3420d ago

Yuck...what a terrible list. Final Fantasy IV, Earthbound, SMT: Nocturne, Xenogears, Suikoden II and Vagrant Story are better than those mentioned.

wanderofys3420d ago

Right on. Shadow Hearts was the only one I was happy to see they mentioned. However, it does say "that every gamer should play". Every gamer will NOT like SMT: Nocturne. It's my favorite game (ever), but it's punishing difficulty and overall weirdness won't appeal to everyone (or many people at all, really).

Also I miss Suikdoen II, the 150 bucks I got for it on ebay wasn't worth it :(

La Chance3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

I agree with you I like turn based as much as like real time. Sometimes I even prefer turn based. There seems to be a new "trend" that consisits in hating on turn based, dont know why.

edit : sorry wrong reply it was meant for 2.2.
Its weird I still cant get a grip on the reply system.....

GameGambits3420d ago

I have a lot of friends who aren't gamers, let alone RPG fans, but I have recommended a few I felt would be stand out to them enough so they'd want to complete it. Sure enough I was right, but who can say I'd be right on a mass scale.

1) Legend of Dragoon
2) Final Fantasy 7
3) Demon's Souls(Action-RPG, but it's appealing to many if you tell them its brutally hard and you are a girl if you can't beat it:P)
4)Paper Mario(It IS a RPG, and most gamers find it amusing)

My personal list of top 4 in no order:
1) Final Fantasy IX
2) Suikoden 2
3) Star Ocean: The Second Story
4) Chrono Cross

There's more RPGs than you can shake a stick at that I've played and loved. If you'd talked to me back to PS1 and PS2 era I would've said at some point even casual gamers will have RPGs as their favorite genre just based on how wide spread and varied the RPGs were then. Then we hit this console era, and it's as if is a dying breed. I just don't get why JRPG developers don't stick a new coat of paint(better graphics) on a turn based RPG. Look at Tales of Vesperia for 360, not outstanding reviews by any means, but a great title this generation in terms of quality.

I hope Tokyo Game Show finally brings back the JRPG wave in Tsunami form. :(

vickers5003419d ago

Dragon Quest 8 kicked some major ass. It was probably my first major playthrough of a jrpg, and I loved it. Damn, it was such a good game.

DevastationEve3419d ago

It's sad that they have to leave out so many, 4 just isn't enough as any real jrpg enthusiast would know. And they left out a few consoles as well. It's true that PS2 had the majority...I never owned a PS2 but I kept up with it. But there were also a lot of generalized rpgs, and several that were just cookie cutter copy and paste reiterations of material already done in better rpgs. I agree that Shadow Hearts was awesome, I remember watching some gameplay footage once.

Saturn had some amazing rpgs, although the definitive Lunar was on PS. But they had Shining Force and the Panzer Dragon series. Too bad Working Designs isn't around anymore, I would've loved to see where they could've gone with these consoles.

N64 had some awesome ones too, but I found it be instead more of a platformer's paradise, with Mischief Makers (you have to hardcore if you know that one) and several others.

On PlayStation they missed quite a few. Legend of Legaia was a pretty solid effort, mixing in a Xenogears-like combo system for fights. Of course, just mentioning Xenogears you already know that it was the better of the two. And GrandStream Saga, which was a pretty fun top-down rpg from Konami. It had an awesome Zelda-like battle system and plenty of great Anime sequences.

(Gosh, I miss the Anime sequences, they've all been traded in for CG)

You could also throw in genre hybrids, like Tomba. It had an excellent mission based structure and lots of hidden stuff to abound and was an awesome platformer. And it had great graphics for its time. There was also Jade Cocoon, which was funny during a time when I was really into Pokemon, since it mixed creature handling and growing into the rpg system. It also had a decent battle system.

On Xbox 360 the best we have right now is Blue Dragon, it edges out Lost Odyssey in my eyes simply because it's so artful and inspired compared to LO's much more lifelike approach. They're both excellent jrpgs, and LO even has 5 voice over languages to chose from! Eternal Sonata was beautiful, so was Tales of Vesperia. Personally I'm waiting for Mystwalker to wow us again with something new, they have a new artist and he's pretty sharp.

Anyway, that's my 2 pennies.

Miraak82 3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

my list, Xenogears, xenosaga 1+3 , Lunar 1 and 2, all final fantasy main series ( they've all been great , stop hating), chrono trigger and cross, Legends of dragoon (hmm I think it was made by an america studio , not sure but still a great rpg , Phantasy star 4

Killjoy30003419d ago

Is personally my favorite RPG of all time.

nothere4133419d ago

I'd enjoy this list if I didn't have such a strong dislike of Kingdom Hearts.

Millah3419d ago

that list is a joke. i mean, shadow hearts is an awesome game, but i wouldn't call it one of 4 absolute must play jrpgs. its not even the best game in the series :P

Valkyrie Profile...another incredible game, but its not something that everybody will enjoy. its more for the die hards IMO.

and Kingdom Hearts...just lol @ that.

agreed with Light-kun...Xenogears and Suikoden 2 by far are better than the games on that list.

Arnon3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I thoroughly enjoyed Nocturne, Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Dragoon and Kingdom Hearts. The others I don't care too much about.

N4Flamers3419d ago

oh man FFIV the first final fantasy, I like FF8 better than 7 and I loved FFX. I miss chrono trigger, and I loved shining force, both games, even played shining in the darkness. So far this generation I hated Eternal Sonata, It was a good looking game but the overall preachyness of the game and low replay value killed it. I played the hell out of star ocean 4 despite the weak acting, it was ok. I loved LO and BD. Mystwalker has to do something new, im waiting. I thought LO was the better of the two, because,well no maru maru.

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KionicWarlord2223420d ago

I agree with kingdom of hearts.

militant073420d ago

i disagree, JRPG mean turn based for me. i hate KH and thats just me !.

persona4, persona 4,LO is my kind of JRPG

militant073419d ago

oops i meant persona 3,persona 4 :/
and FFX for sure

GamerMan3419d ago

apparently you haven't played Kingdom Hearts or you would of realized its an Action JRPG and not a Turned-based JRPG. So your assumption all JRPG based games are turned based is inaccurate.

Nothing against you not liking JRPG's just wanted to clear that up.

militant073419d ago

I said i hated because its "NOT" turn based !!!

and I know...

GamerMan3419d ago

I'm sorry but I misunderstood your post in your sentence structure and it came out the other way. I personally like strategy and turned base JRPGs much better than Action JRPGs but if it's a RPG I will play it to see if I like it. Never know until you try.

Please disregard my previous disagreeing. :) I apologize.

Avenged Sevenfold3419d ago

I love KH and KH2 even more. I mean the KH2 has the best story in any videogame ever created. Well, right beside MGS.

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TheColbertinator3420d ago

Horrendous list.I would choose Phantasy Star II,Secret of Evermore,Shining Force III,Sword of Vermillion,Vagrant Story,SMT:Persona 3 and Dark Cloud 2

SaiyanFury3420d ago

I must agree with Shining Force 3. With that I include Shining the Holy Ark. 2 of the must play RPGs that came out on the Saturn. Not even talking about Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Immortal Kaim3420d ago

Agree about the horrible list, you guys have mentioned some classics.

Will also throw in Secret of Mana, Lufia 2, Landstalker, Grandia 1 & 2, Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia...Jesus I could go all day, I love my JRPG's

Major_Tom3420d ago

Phantasy star sure is awesome.

Myze3419d ago

While I don't like the list either, I do like all the games on it. To name all my favorite RPGs would take a long time and a hurt on my brain making sure I remember them all.

I still have Xenogears as my favorite by a good margin (notice my avatar), with FF6, FFT, Secret of Mana, Persona 4 (new one to the list), and Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross all being at the top.

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Godmars2903420d ago

Valkyrie Profile is the only real "must play" on that list.

KionicWarlord2223420d ago

Kingdom of Hearts....isnt a must play?

Godmars2903420d ago

VP, along with Persona 3 and Vagrant Story push it out of the running. At least in a top 3 list.

KionicWarlord2223420d ago

Yeah..Persona 3 alone does that,But Kingdom of Hearts is a must play.