PSPgo's 480MHz clock speed references USB, not CPU

Engadget writes: "Looks like all that excitement over PSPgo's faster (but likely to be underused) 480MHz processor is all for naught. Our friends at Engadget Japan have gotten in contact with Sony Computer Entertainment and been informed that the Maximum clock frequency mentioned here is for the USB device, not the CPU. All those dreams of hacked firmware to unlock more power? Better hold that thought for now."

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saint_john_paul_ii3155d ago

oh engadget, stop ruining teh Magic, LOL

dragunrising3154d ago

Sounded too good to be true. However, if they beefed up the processor to 480MHz, they might as well push the PSP Go as the official successor to PSP. Sony doesn't want to segment the PSP market.

I still want it...

darthv723154d ago

the USB 2 port on the GO is 480mbps not MHz. I can see where some may confuse the speed of the throughput (bandwidth) with actual speed of processing data like a CPU does (MHz).

Kyur4ThePain3155d ago

But I don't believe Sony ever said anything on this topic.
It started with a dyslexic misreading the FCC filing.

Foxgod3155d ago

Actually, if its really the usb port, then sony should never have mentioned Mhz.
USB data rate is usually referred to in MB per second, its never mentioned in mhz speed.

USB ports dont have clock cycles, so theres no mhz's involved.

FamilyGuy3155d ago

Sony never mentioned anything.

This wasn't some "addition feature of the pspgo" or another reason for buying one.

You see the post post you conveniently quoted saying "In b4 "sony lied!""
Well THAT, was referring to YOU.

KilZoneGeneralStrife3155d ago

Hackers have failed to hack the newer motherboards.I have a PSP slim thats hacked PURELY for Final Fantasy 7. On long roadtrips its awesome.I just dont see them hacking the Go.

Foxgod3155d ago

Why not, it can connect to a pc, thats all hackers need.

TheBand1t3155d ago

Foxgod left? News to me.

masterg3154d ago

If I were Sony I'd set the PSP Go to download firmware updates automatically. So anytime you entered a wireless internet zone you'd risk that your PSP would update itself and thereby making it impossible for hackers.

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Neo6043155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

this will keep me company while being bored waiting.

I'll wait for the happy day were they can hack this.

32gig for 20 great games, movies and music.

LinuxGuru3155d ago

lol...USB speed isn't measured in MHz. It's in MB/s.

Oh well.

xlx-russ_923155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

lol aswell, frequency is measured in MHz.

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