Eurogamer Portugal: Peter Molyneux Interview [Part 1] After the conference presented by Microsoft during E3, the Christmas Project, and the software presented in the name Milo is not talking about something else at the event. We are entering a world that mixes the wrong way which really means fun?

This new project from Microsoft has the hand of Peter Molyneux, one of the most influential personalities in the world of videogames, it was not a creator of games like Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper, even in the extinct Bullfrog, and latest in Black & White and Fable. Along with Project Christmas, was shown a virtual character, the boy Milo. Some controversy has already been installed, which questions whether this same "friend" virtual could someday replace personal relationships, or even, perhaps, our mind takes us to the film AI and the robot boy David to replace a child so desired. By coincidence or not, with Peter Molyneux in which the Christmas Project, was the famous director and North American director Steven Spielberg, director of AI.

In this tangle of issues and questions about Milo and Project Christmas, which went to Los Angeles to interview Peter Molyneux. Meeting scheduled in a hotel in downtown LA, we found a Peter Molyneux wants to share what your creative mind is bubbling. Was said in that meeting that he has taken the post of Creative Director of the European Microsoft Games Studios, but continues to be the Director of Lionhead Studios production. His new role involves overseeing the work of some producers and projects, such as Remedy and Rare with Alan Wake. Will try to take a position where these projects to one side more creative and innovative. But that night just wanted to know about Milo and Project Christmas.

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