87% of PlayStation 3 owners watching Blu-ray movies? Survey says yes

The Entertainment Merchant's Association 2008 Annual Report on the Home Entertainment Industry holds survey results showing 87% of PS3 owners reported they watch Blu-ray movies on their console.

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HighDefinition2968d ago

BR is the sh!t.

Who doesn`t want to watch HD movies?

LoVeRSaMa2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

PlayStation 3 is a Bluray player, it would make sense..

theEnemy2968d ago

in true HD.

How can you pass on that if you have a PS3 ?


LoVeRSaMa2968d ago

I concur, they are both the same meaning used in the same context example:

The PlayStation 3 HAS a Blu-ray player. (meaning the PS3 itself + HAS a Blu-ray player..)

The PlayStation 3 IS a Blu-ray player. (meaning that it actually is a Blu-ray player as well as what ever else it is.)

I also know (as we have been reassured by Kaz) that the PlayStation 3 is first and foremost a games console with "added" capabilities.

hulk_bash19872968d ago

and to all the trolls that would use this article as "evidence" that most PS3 owners only watch blu-rays. Nice try but I, like most PS3 owners, use it for both (but mostly for games). That's the beauty of owning a multimedia gaming system.

FantasyStar2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

And that's exactly why would-be PS3 owners complain about the PS3 being too expensive still. They don't want a multimedia gaming system. They want a strict gaming machine and Sony isn't giving them much of a choice: hence the plead for a BD-less PS3: which is frankly stupid since all PS3 Games are on BD. But even with that argument, $400 for a straight up gaming machine is too much, and I paid $600! But not everyone is like me who uses the PS3 for more than just gaming.

I see it reasonable that people who just want to game on PS3 wouldn't care for BD movie features to see the $400 as still expensive. While people who already bought PS3s would care to justify that $400 purchase with BD movies as well. It's no surprise that Engadget's survey turned out the way it did.

RememberThe3572968d ago

Well that's too f*cking bad. I'm broke and I figured out how to gt one. I don't watch BR's myself, and the system is sill worth it.

Traveler2968d ago

Some people might want a stripped down simple game console, but others of us love the fact that we were able to buy one device that does so many things. You can't please everyone.

It should be pointed out, also, that none of the current consoles are only game machines. Every single one of them includes features and capabilities outside of gaming. The PS3 just happens to be the most full-featured.

I bought my launch 360 for $399.99 and that is now the going price for a PS3, so for me the PS3 is a steal. It does a lot more than the 360, after all. When people spend hundreds of dollars on an iPod Touch or a stand-alone Blu-ray player, it astounds me that people don't see the incredible value that the PS3 represents.

Perkel2968d ago

Godfather Trilogy kick ass :D

hulk_bash19872968d ago

well that's the gamble that Sony took this gen when they decided to incorporated blu-ray drives in every PS3. Blu-ray does exactly what i needs to, it gives devs the option to take advantage of the extra disc space available. But when Sony does decide to release a cheaper alternative ala a PS3 slim, then hallelujah and congratulations to the consumer masses waiting for that option. I on the other hand knew what i was getting when i paid full retail $600.00 a few months after its release, and I couldn't be happier.

FantasyStar2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I agree too. I spent $600 on my own PS3 as well. I'm just putting my feet in someone else's shoes.

JL2968d ago

I agree. This isn't surprising. The option is there, of course a majority are going to watch BD. Though I can understand people like Remember who say they don't (as long as you admit to at least giving one movie a try just out of curiosity). I for one don't go out buying alot of Blu-rays. I only own 30 Blu-rays. For some of you that might sound like alot, but trust me that's nothing. For someone who has a 1200+ dvd collection, 30 BDs is only a very very slight percentage. I still buy most releases on DVD, Blu-ray purchases are left for like the high production movies that really warrant it in my opinion (ie IronMan, Transformers, Dark Knight...and a few others that have special effects, and some that are just regular movies before I decided I wasn't in fact making the full jump yet). For someone like me that buys movies as often as I do, that extra price is a bit of a put back for those blu-rays.

"and to all the trolls that would use this article as "evidence" that most PS3 owners only watch blu-rays"
lol When I saw this, before I clicked the link, I just KNEW I was going to be in for them spinning it somehow to try to say that means majority of PS3 owners only bought it for movies. Glad to see that wasn't the case though.

Dark Knight on Blu-ray. ABSOLUTELY agree. It looks really good. Those Imax scenes? OMG Beautiful!

hulk_bash19872968d ago

I definitely agree with you that alot of people find that $400 price point a lttle too steep. However I'm sure that Sony is looking for a way to insure that all the potential PS3 owners out there will be taken care of, its just a matter of time.

FamilyGuy2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Anyone wanting a "strictly (HD) gaming console" I mean.
If you have a HD tv what possible reason could you have for NOT wanting to watch HD movies on it?

Don't tell me "Blu-ray movie price..." because it's still a MULTI-media player so you could still watch HD movies on the thing and not pay a cent.

I don't understand the logic of anyone with an HD that says "well i don't need/want a blu-ray player" because: Why buy an HD set then? You bought a tv so you must plan on watching tv or movies and even tv shows are released on blu-ray and look miles better than their 1080i/720p, LOW BITRATE cable tv counter parts so there's STILL an audience.

It's an upscaler if you just want to watch dvds
It's media player if you're into downloading
It accepts streamed media if you prefer a pc
It has a web browser that can zoom in on anything displayed so you could sit as far as your blu-tooth remote allows and still be able to view/read anything on the internet
It plays HD games and has a long list of exclusives and upcoming exclusives that CAN ONLY be played on the system.

There's no justification for saying "I don't need" when you already bought the HD Tv
UNLESS you happen to have:
A blu-tooth enabled Pc or a really good wireless key board and mouse, with a decent graphics card, that's hooked up to you HD tv and in a place where it looks nice/natural/doesn't cause your entertainment center to look garish.
Or have a 360 with whatever gives 360 owners hd movies and tv shows.
Then maybe I can understand someone with an HD set saying "well i really just want a gaming console"

BTW, anyone that wants to see the full potential of 1080p blu-ray movies need only watch a pixar movie, ANY pixar movie. The animated movies from Dreamworks are a good example too.

hulk_bash19872968d ago

Im glad as well, though Ive seen it happen too many times before, just thought I'd put my 2 cents in before the potential onslaught of said comments.

UltimateIdiot9112968d ago

I concur. Pixar movies on Blu-ray is just mind blowing, the detail is so crisp especially Wall-e. On the subject on Pixar, I highly recommend watching Up. I currently own over 12 Blu-rays but will limit myself since I'm still in college and too many good games are coming.

IMO, $400 is not a lot for a machine that can do so much and why not take advantage of that.

@Fantasy Star
The argument about wanting a system just to play game fails for this gen. The 360 also has multimedia capability and those who purchase the arcade edition won't get much of a gaming experience without a harddrive, XBL subscription?, headset since most XBL user have one, and eventually you add up pretty close to a PS3 except you lack Blu-ray feature. Besides, why not use some of the multimedia feature that the 360 offers to get your money worth, and well what do you know, you're one step closer to understanding why PS3 owners watch Blu-ray unless you're a fanboy.

If someone wants a console that solely do gaming, then the closes option would be a Wii for this gen.

ultimolu2968d ago

I only have five bluray movies. I have around ninteen games and counting. Anyone who thinks the PS3 is just a bluray player needs their head examined and/or they need to do more research.

JL2968d ago

Ooohhh yea. I forgot the Pixar movies. Any of those look amazing on Blu-ray. Cars looks really good, but Wall-E looks absolutely amazing. I think my jaw literally dropped when I popped that Blu-ray in. lol

locos852968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Why would I watch DVDs on my PS3 when BR looks so gorgeous?

Off topic:

Anyone see that new PS3 bundle at Best Buy? 80 gig with LittleBigPlanet and Wall-E for $399.

Oner2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Multimedia FTW. Sony started this with the PS1 and every iteration has ALWAYS offered more, new, bleeding edge technology to give people something WORTH the price of investment. From Gaming to Internet capabilities to Music & Movies and just about everything else in between...Sony has me covered.

THAT is why I buy PlayStation. THAT is why I don't have the worries or "jipped" feeling as I do with other console manufacturers. I don't settle for mediocrity in any other aspect of my life, so why should I in a product I buy?

2968d ago
y0haN2967d ago

Dark Knight in better than HD at IMAX was absolutely amazing.. Blu-Ray is 2nd best, so get that Blu-Ray!!

MpV352967d ago

99% of people who own a tv prefer not to stand while watching it. Come one, this isn't news.

Bnet3432967d ago

I'm the part of 13% that plays and buys games, not watch movies.

PatDH2967d ago

Guess you're a bit slow Kigmal..

ThanatosDMC2967d ago

I've got a lot of BR movies now. Fry's Electronics sometimes have good deals on trilogies. I was able to buy all three Pirates of the Caribbean for $39.99 during a weekday sale. That's super cheap! I think it was a fluke... but that was a steal for me!

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Johnny Rotten2968d ago

I don't buy movies but when I rent them I always look for it in Blue-ray first.

LoVeRSaMa2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

It's Blu-ray not Blue-ray!

cyclindk2968d ago

It's "it's" not "its."

and for your above comment it's "sense" not "sence."

cyclindk2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Threeche... ;)

PS what keys do you hold to add the little accent over the "e" or another letter?

LoVeRSaMa2968d ago

é = Ctrl + ' , E

Apparently, although I just googled the word I knew for the correct accent pronunciation.

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Godmars2902968d ago

Just wondering.