Rumor: SOCOM 4 in development

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

The SOCOM franchise is no stranger to Sony platforms, with 9 entries spanning across Sony's all 3 of their most recent platforms. However, it has been nearly 4 years since the last main entry into the series has hit shelves, with SOCOM 3's launch back in 2005. According to PCB Production's credits page, it looks like the drought may be over though, to the delight of SOCOM fans across the world.

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gauntletpython3176d ago

I hope this is a real SOCOM, not another online mess by Slant Six...

ELite_Ghost3176d ago

just make socom 2 hd and you got it!

Beast_Master3176d ago

Duhh why would Sony abandon the series after one bad/not great game? Here are some other games I am sure are in development. Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Syphon Filter, Buzz, SingStar, LBP 2, and Gran Tarismo 6.

gauntletpython3176d ago

I don't think we're surprised to see it's in development, just the fact that its in development so soon after Confrontation. They are already doing motion capturing, which is pretty big.

PinkUni3176d ago


have you honestly EVER played that game?

most people dont have the slightest clue how good socom: confrontation, they just read the reviews like you did and assume whatever the hell you want.

play the game for a week and dare you to say that game isn't one of the best you've played

people dont know anything about that game, honestly

JL3176d ago

I agree. Confrontation is NOT as bad as people make it out to be AT ALL. Sure, when it first came out there were bugs and stuff to iron out, but last I was on there, all that stuff was cleared up and it played great. I love it (kinda making me want to play it again now). Here's where I think the problem is: first, of course the bugs and stuff when it first came out (fixed now though). The bigger thing though was it caught alot of grief from SOCOM fans, cause if you're anything like me, it didn't turn out to be what we wanted. What we want IS SOCOM 4. I know several that were hyped for Confrontation only to be a bit let down when found out it was online only and no campaign in it at all. Not that that takes away from the game that did come out, it's still a great online-only game. SOCOM is just awesome. But I for one was really really looking forward to a SOCOM campaign. Once again, I'm not trying to bash Confrontation cause I rather enjoy it, but I was sooo much wanting a new full SOCOM game. If this turns out to be true I'm going to be REALLY hyped for it.

I guess I'm kinda in that group that wouldn't have really guessed another SOCOM was coming. Or at least was totally expecting a new one. It wasn't that figure they'd just abandon it, not caring about it anymore, but rather that Zipper just has their hands full with MAG right now. And let's not kid here people, true SOCOM fans want Zipper back on this and not Slant Six. Not to take away from Slant Six, just they can't do it like Zipper does. That being said, I guess I could see Zipper going back to it after MAG, just it seemed to me a sort of passing of the torch to Slant Six to let them take over from here on out as Zipper moves on and concentrates MAG (even after release). Guess I just wasn't too certain of it, especially with them (not Zipper) just abandoning campaign in Confrontation.

All in all though, if this is indeed true, then I can NOT wait. I love me some SOCOM and have been wanting some HD/next-gen SOCOM since I first heard about Confrontation. This should be awesome. VERY awesome if Zipper is doing it like the rumor speculates.

DarkArcani3176d ago

not all the things are ironed out. The game is still incomplete.
-Clan Ladder matches are STILL not in the game.
-People still get booted all the time.
-Game freezes more than it should.
-Sound gets lost until you reboot.
-Grenades will land right on you and you run through them.
-Reload interruptions are STILL not fixed.
-And countless more bugs that normal games don't have.

Delive3175d ago

Slant six should not be handed this franchise on the PS3 again. I was in the beta and rushed release. I tried to hang with it, but the bugs were too much to bare. I recently tried to go back to the game, but by then, the damage was done. The bad taste could not be removed. And seeing there were so many other PS3 AAA titles that worked, there was no reason to go back. Zipper has a proven track record with this franchise and I see nothing wrong with wishing it was in the hands of someone who has done wonders with the franchise.

nothere4133175d ago

Yeah. CONFRONTATION was a heaping pile of crap.

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HighDefinition3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Hopefully NOT by Slant6, they should just scurry back to the PSP and hide.

morganfell3176d ago

Why? Slant 6 kicked ass on Tactical Strike. People need to stop blaming Slant 6 for the condition of SOCOM Confrontation. They had zero decision authority on when the game would ship.

It was not their decision when to ship. Not one bit. Instead they have been blamed, and blamed, and blamed. All the while they have kept their mouth shut and worked hard to patch the game. They have shouldered blame that is in no way theirs. The game is now an extremely tight multiplayer title that is capable of consuming numerous hours of your life and leaving you feeling damn satisfied. I had a blast this weekend with SOCOM.

HighDefinition3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

They`re PSP games are phenomenal, their PS3 game is Sh!T.


Morgan, it took them like 2 months to fix the game, I was in the BETA, I bought it the release day 1 hoping they would be fixed and they weren`t. The sad reality is this, the headset was better than the game.

Now, MAG made by **ZIPPER** will work fine, play better and be a dream come true, when it releases.

Natsu X FairyTail3176d ago

I think this one will be better than the 1st on PS3. They wont be making the same errors.

HighDefinition3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Think about how pissed ZIPPER is.... they (slant6) basically sh!t on their baby and are gonna make it harder for Zipper if they decide to do Socom again. Since Confrontation had so many problems.

Zipper should go beat up Slant6.


RAAAAAGE3176d ago

Confrontation does suck. Socom 4 would be sweet with 4 player co-op.

SprSynJn3176d ago Show
Soldierone3176d ago

Dont believe that. They can honestly go back and tell Sony it needs to be delayed. I was in the beta and even then it had MAJOR issues and they still decided to release it. they delayed it in EU why couldnt they delay it here?

Yeah their PSP games are great ON PSP, porting those over to PS3 is not a good idea. Confrontation has ALOT of potential but they udates ontop of updates ontop of more updates is terrible and ruining the experience. they cant even get the laterst 2.5 update out the door because it keeps failing Sony testing.

Let Zipper take care of the best franchise on PS before Slant 6 lowers the grade.

cereal_killa3176d ago

morganfell I didnt like Tactical Strike for the PSP in fact when I heard that the new Socom on the PS3 was being done by Slant 6 I was upset that they would turn this into what seem to be a RTS form of game. You are right about them not having any say in the release Date but many developers have been able to delay there games because it wasn't ready at the time it was suppose to be out(MGS, GT5 to name a few) why could these guys say "hey its not ready" but slant 6 had no say? I really hope that Zipper is involved with Socom 4.

Omegasyde3176d ago

"apparently" only a handful of people are working on the patches and the rest are working on Socom PSP.

Also Socom Confrontation was in the works for nearly 3 years.


Slant 6 sucks, don't defend them.

IzKyD13313176d ago

the game was delayed for over a year, they had plenty of time to create the game

HighDefinition3176d ago

You need to learn to count, we have the same ammount of bubbles.

So that make me wonder, how someone who can`t count has more bubbles than me.


morganfell3176d ago

No. Having two acquaintances that worked on the project I can positively tell you that S6 did ask for a 6 month delay. They were not granted 6 months...or 5 months...or 3...or, you get the picture. They had a mountain of feedback from the beta - which I also played having been in much earlier than the general public. They asked to use this feedback and it was Request Denied. I always defend Sony as they have done a great job but they screwed this one royally by ordering the title to ship.

As for S6 taking 3 months to patch the game remember they beat at least one much more prominent game in patching. A game that had been out longer and whose Multiplayer was much more broken.

Anyone that does not believe that SOCOM is tight now honestly hasn't played it lately. And thinking the absence of coop in any title dooms it is just tripe. That is the very same ridiculous argument that has been used to attack games like Uncharted and MGS4.

da720izcumin3176d ago

as an 360 fan...I resent saying anything good about the ps3.
but, I will probably buy a ps3 for this game...
socom is the shyt...
I first played tactical strike on the psp, sick game that was.
then i picked up a cheap socom 3 navy seals...that was also sick.
I actually played confrontation...but my friend who owned a ps3 told me it wasn't worth it.
this is probably the only good shooter left on the pstriple.

locos853176d ago

All I know is that if this is even touched by /6 I will not be buying this game. Neither will thousands of other people who were duped by Confrontation.

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morganfell3176d ago

Also this is posted:


HighDefinition3176d ago

Hopefully NOT by Slant6.



socom...ps3 has become a better game

MGOelite3176d ago

i know im gonna get epic amount of disagress but i really realy like socom confrontation, its one of my most played online games

Defectiv3_Detectiv33176d ago

Socom:Confrontation was never meant to be a true sequel to the last Socom. Sony just wanted to give the Socom nuts a game on the PS3. Hopefully the next Socom is the real deal.

I don't want to see them make another MAG style game. I'd be perfectly happy w/ smaller player servers. I just want them to get the gameplay right.

Snake Raiser3176d ago

Well sorry, but I hated Socom Conf. However, the headset was EPIC! That alone makes me say that the Socom conf. + headset bundle is a really good deal. If I had downloaded the game on PSN without getting a headset I would be disappointed, but for a first attempt for the franchise on the PS3 is was not terrible. Throw in a headset and i'm sold. Hopefully the next game will be insane!