Ratchet Pre-Order Bonuses Available for All Eventually

In-game pre-order bonuses for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time will be available for all players eventually, says Insomniac Games.

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meepmoopmeep3269d ago

yeah, the comments made by Insomniac on the PS Blog
said that the pre-order stuff is to have the stuff right from the start of the game
and not unlocked later on.

N4GAddict3269d ago

They need to stop with the in-game pro-order bonuses though.

singhjeet293269d ago

Yeah pre-order only content is annoying, especially since I preordered at EB and still never got the Electric blades (or w/e they're called) for inFamous.

Thank you Insomniac for giving us the content for free (even if its later on) and being good to the retailers.

Peppy la Moca3269d ago

It's nice to see you don't have to give up one bonus to get another.

BiggCMan3269d ago

i knew when they announced these bonuses a few days back that id be able to get the stuff throughout the game, because if uve played all the games you know that the bolt magnetizer and box smasher are part of each one, as for a bonus 5000 or whatever bolts? thats stupid IMO, cuz 5000 bolts is barely worth anything in r&c, especially in the challenge mode. i suppose its a good thing for people that need to have things in the game without working for them...kinda like the skate 2 dlc (which i think is bullsh!t by the way) anyone agree?

zoneofenders3269d ago

day 1 baby.........................

qohelet3269d ago

good move on their part. unlocking things is actually part of the fun of playing games.

xabmol3269d ago

What's the point of preordering? :/

enviable273269d ago

There is no point, that is the point. Ive never seen a shortage of any specific game, I think retailers do that to add to the hype for sales.

beavis4play3269d ago

i preorder so i don't have to keep track of release dates. somtimes i get called a week or 2 earlier than expected because the game releases earlier.
preordering for me is more a product of i have many other interests outside of gaming and it's nice to receive a phone call letting me know when the games (that i'm buying) are released.

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