GameBoyz: Fight Night Round 4 Review

GameBoyz writes: "EA Sports Fight Night Round 4 stands as arguably the best boxing game available on next generation consoles. The visuals are simply stunning and it represents the most real-to-life boxing game available. That being said, the career mode is lengthy and the training system is somewhat flawed. Newcomers to the franchise will find the learning curve steep while veterans may not fall in love with FNR4 as they did with Round 3. At the end of the day however Fight Night Round 4 is a worthy addition to your Xbox 360 library".

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Wh15ky3273d ago

It's fairer for online play if everybodies using the analogue. Plus analogue punching is far better, it's what makes the Fight Night franchise.

My only gripe with the game so far is the soundtrack. I was under the impression it was supposed to be customizable, so you could use any track for your entrance song. I've never liked the hip hop soundtracks of any of the FN games.