NBA Live 08 Interview

IGN sits down with the producer of NBA Live 08 to check out the game in action.

If you've been a fan of EA Sports' long running basketball franchise, NBA Live, you've probably been somewhat concerned over the state of the series on next-generation platforms.

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Honeal2g4262d ago

Live 07 was soo terrible i went out and bought 2k7, which i was surprised how realistic it was. LIVE is DEAD

Robotz Rule4262d ago

Maybe one of the wisest comments of the year! :)
Live is dead!,2K is the future of basketball and sport games

tony4262d ago

live must change, they have no choice. 2k7 is great, live is really bad.

SDS Overfiend4261d ago

And i USe to think live was better. 06 for Xbox got a 9.1 from IGN and Teamxbox AND went downhill after that. On xbox 360 the Physics are all wrong. Homecourt Player models look far better. Live Sux!