Interview with Producer of Section 8 HHGS

Check out the interview with the lead producer of Section 8. Find out why Section 8 is only on the PC and 360. Will there be a PS3 version? What kind of game it is, and what to expect. Everything about the game is presented in this 3 part interview.

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coolirisGB3304d ago

The PS3 version of Section 8 was dropped almost a year ago.

tripewire3304d ago

Funny. The guy wouldn't confirm exclusivity....

"Oh the ps3 version is something that we wanted to do but just from making other arrangments The cards didnt line up right, We still like to think that's something on the horizon - I dont want to rule out anything just yet. There's certainly a possibility of it coming out on another platform"

= 360 Beta Testers? ;)

free2game3653304d ago

they'll only do a port if the game is successful enough, which frankly I doubt it will be

PirateThom3304d ago

Vampire Rain was ported.