Andrew House: Time is right for PS3 motion control

Eurogamer writes: Sony has said that the time is right for the company to introduce motion control technology to the PlayStation 3 platform.

A firm launch date, solid technology and a clear idea of how it will translate to alternative gaming experiences are the three crucial elements that can help the new control method establish itself on the market, said CEO and president of SCEE, Andrew House.

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Jack Klugman3153d ago

he further added.. after seeing ms launching a revolutionary new motion tech we had to respond and copying the wii was the fastest thing we could do in order to respond.

"We're certainly not interested in Gimmicks." - Kaz Harai

ugly13153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

So, it took a whole day for Sony to come up with the whole motion controller scheme integrated into a camera based technology?

Yikes! If you trolls lose your consistency, you'll have no other intellectual merits to fall back on...

PirateThom3153d ago

If Sony managed to come up with that, build a prototype, have software for a tech demo all in a day, then I am very impressed. Way to go Sony.

ChozenWoan3153d ago

And after rumors of Sony unveiling new hardware began floating around parts of the net shortly after GDC 09, MS put together the most original motion control system since eyetoy for the PS2... opps... I mean since man created the wheel.

Jack Klugman3148d ago

right sony planned this all along. they just knew 2010 would be the time to launch motion controls. i think you have sonys love stick so far up in you its smacking your brain and causing damage.

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spaceNerd3153d ago

You guys are f*cking idiots. Sony has been working on the motion controller before the Wii even came out. Why dont you do your homework before you run your mouths?

GIJeff3153d ago

since 1999 or earlier.

ChozenWoan3153d ago

Sony really needs to officially name their motion system. Until they do, even though it is the most advanced system for consoles so far, it will still be treated as being underdeveloped as a product. MS nailed the marketing part with Natal, but the tech is lacking in some major functionality. So if Sony could just step it up and name this beautiful baby they have created, it can turn into a system selling beast not seen since the PowerGlove.

jack_burt0n3153d ago

I hope they manage to get it together for heavy rain some tweaks and motion control could be very interesting.