Best PS3 Games You Should Play

"I think that as gamers we are all involved in the race of getting the newest and freshest titles as fast as we can. We want to enjoy technological advancements and see new ideas and inspiration. But sometimes - just sometimes - if you take a look at where we've already been, you see glimmers of excellence in old titles that once were the cutting edge.

I have taken the liberty to add a few titles that you might not have had the chance to charge through - but should you find some spare time now that you've turned your couch upside down [ching, ching] - I would recommend trying out these pre-owned gems..."

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Myst3269d ago

I'd probably be beat to a living pulp when I say I haven't played Uncharted yet, but will be renting it sometime this week hopefully.

SpoonyRedMage3269d ago

*looks at menacingly whilst holding a baseball bat*

I don't own a PS3 but I'd recommend Disgaea 3 and Valkyria Chronicles because JRPGs are under-represented in these lists and I've heard great things.

swingingape3269d ago

If only there were enough time in the day to play all those great games.

Myst3269d ago

Played both and now it's only a matter of time before I ask a friend if I can borrow them. As well as Mirror's Edge.

Put the bat down!

tinman_licks3269d ago

To those who haven't gotten Infamous yet, what are you waiting for?? This is the BEST game I've ever played on PS3. Better than Uncharted even.

3269d ago
saimcheeda3269d ago

infamous is simplee amazing although i think its not better than uncharted which is out of the world!!

GVON3269d ago

My top 5

PJ Monsters

Best of the rest

Demon's souls
KZ 2
Mstorm 1/2
Dead Space

zoneofenders3269d ago

My personal best five PS3 game......
2.Demon's souls
3.KZ 2
4.Valkyria Chronicles

UnSelf3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

There are to many "Top # games you should play for ps3/360/wii" and its always the same games.

Therefore i constructed the "Top 20 next gen games everyone absolutely must play!" If u feel this list is inaccurate feel free to respond

20. Dead Space
19. Folklore
18. Super Smash Bros Brawl
17. Warhawk
16. Super Mario Galaxy
15. Heavenly Sword
14. Crackdown
13. Valkyria Chronicles
12. Mass Effect
11. Demon Souls
10. Uncharted
9. Fable 2
8. Halo 3
6. Gears of War
5. Killzone 2
4. Bioshock
3. Call of Duty 4
2. LBP
1. MGS 4

EDIT 1:(this list is in no particular order YET, im editing now and some titles listed may be swapped out for another as these are the first that came to mind)

EDIT 2: Heres my final list in correct order. You MUST ABSOLUTELY play these next gen games. This precise order represents the amazingness of the relative game.

Game13a13y3269d ago

1) Metal Gear Solid 4
2) Motorstorm 2
3) Uncharted
4) Killzone 2
5) Little Big Planet
6) Flow
7) Flower

*All PS3 Exclusives* and counting.....

Boody-Bandit3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

My list:
1) Killzone 2
2) Warhawk (It was tough for me not to put this game 1st)
3) Metal Gear Solid 4
4) Uncharted
5) GT5P
6) inFamous
7) Little Big Planet
8) Motorstorm 2
9) Ratchet & Clank
10)Heavenly Sword
11)Wipeout HD
12)MLB 09

GameGambits3269d ago

My top 5 PS3 ONLY games:
2)Killzone 2
3)Demon's Souls

My top 5 multiplat:
1) Dead Space
2) Fallout 3
3) Modern Warfare
4)Tales of Vesperia
5) Mass Effect

Top fav 360 ONLY:
1) Lost Odyssey
2)Star Ocean: The Last Hope
...That's all I can think of that are 360 only that I bought and played, and was satisfied with. However, to contradict myself Star Ocean 4 is like a 8/10 at most from, because the story, voice acting, and dialogue were pure trash.

Filling the other 3 slots is not possible, but I would add in Gears of War 1, but not #2. However, you can get Gears 1 on PC also. When it just comes down to it, the majority of my favorite games this gen have either been PS3 only or multiplats, because 360's exclusive library to games that I like is grim.

Traveler3268d ago

My top 10 PS3 games would go a little something like this:

1. Uncharted
2. MGS4
3. Killzone 2
4. Infamous
5. Flower
6. LittleBigPlanet
7. Demon's Souls
8. Heavenly Sword
9. Pixel Junk Eden

JL3268d ago

Is Disgaea really good? I've heard a couple things about it, but never got around to playing it. I absolutely loved Valkyria Chronicles though. Easily one of my top 5 games this generation.

I mean I like Infamous and all, but I'm not even sure it makes it into my top 5 this generation. Maybe top 5 exclusives (i'd have to think about that). And there is NO WAY it is better than Uncharted in my opinion. In my opinion, Uncharted is the best game this gen, and Valkyria Chronicles probably comes in at #2 for me.

And to Nuri, you definitely do have to play Uncharted. I'm not saying everybody is going to absolutely hands-down love the game (for instance my brother wasn't all that into it, just not his thing I guess, but that's ok, people have their different tastes. it's worth the try though, cause if you like it, you'll LOVE it).

My Top 5 far:
1. Uncharted
2. Valkyria Chronicles
3. LBP
4. Killzone 2 or MLB The Show
5. MLB The Show or Killzone 2

(So I guess that answers for me that Infamous doesn't quite make it in my Top 5)(Also, the only reason Confrontation doesn't make it in this top 5 is because I was a lil let down without a campaign, the online is awesome though.)
By the way, before anybody says "How can you not include _____ in there?" For one these are only from the exclusives I've played thusfar, and some of the ones mentioned by others I haven't played. Never was a fan of MGS so MGS4 won't be getting played by me is the reason it's not there (not to take away from the game, just never could really get into it). Also, I do have Ratchet&Clank: TOD just I haven't gotten around to playing it, but I do anticipate it jumping into that top 5, if it's as good as others say, when I finally do get around to playing it.

As for including multiplats: It would be my Top 5 exclusives, bumping one to put Oblivion at number 3. And probably putting Fallout at a tie for 5th (if not slightly edging over which of MLB or KZ2 that is left).

Downtown boogey3268d ago

I have to disagree with R:FoM... R2 is better every way anyway.
MGS4 and R&C:ToD are the best games on the platform... Or in this gen so far altogether and Motorstorm is just something fresh. Again Motorstorm Pacific Rift would be advicable at this point.

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interrergator3269d ago

ppl should try out folklore (my favorite game) really good game

Jinxstar3269d ago

I had it. Too much loading for me. Felt like half the game was loading screens. Really good story and original content and made fun use of sixaxis. Fantastic art direction and everything but for me, personally, the loading took me so far out of the immersion i had to trade it in but I do recommend it to people all the time.

tinman_licks3269d ago

Is the Folklore DLC worth it? Opinions anyone?

nnotdead3268d ago

while playing this game i just wanted to love it, but in the end i really couldnt get into it. loved the art style and had one of the best sixaxis game mechanic ever. just found it kind of boring, and really wished the game had voice over through out.

mastiffchild3268d ago

Ye, the Folklore SLC is worth it-esp as there's to be NO sequel, sadly. The best "under the radar" game for PS3, imo, if you didn't have a PS3 at launch it was so easy to miss this one-and also HS which was treated way too harshly by the critics. Nariko was cool as.

PS3 exclusives I'd add would be VC, KZ2, Calling All Cars(though as the servers are now dead it's too late-but way underrated and misunderatood, imo), Disgaea3(if you already like turn based jrpg that it as it can be unforgiving for newbies)and, obviously inFAMOUS-so well crafted.

360 games I suggest(leaving out the Gears/Galo/Fable trio everyone has played anyway)would be Mass Effect(although the elevators are annoying), Dead Rising, SO4(though not as good as the early games), IU and Castle Crashers for a cheapy!

Non Ninty Wii games(everyone buys them anyway)-Overkill, NMH, Okami and RE4(best versions), Madworld and My Life as a King plus Lostwinds for Wiiware.

Loads of multis so I won't go on about them but there's loads more exclusives I could say are good games but I tried to be honest and not always list the biggest without going obscure and hard to find(as a few 360 games I'd have chosen are these days for some reason in the UK).Underrated multi plat would be, for me, The Darkness-good , quirky FPS with nice powers and decent story telling and I'm at a loss as to just why the critics liked it less than turd flavour toothpaste.

Good to think back over this generation as sometimes we don't draw breath or take the time to really enjoy what we've had.

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el zorro3269d ago

I'm a 360 fan and even I agree that Heavenly Sword was an under-appreciated gem. The cinematics in that were second to none and the story was really well-done. I would love to see a sequel for that.

nnotdead3268d ago

loved that game. only problem was how short it was, and it also didnt really have a high replay value.

clinker3269d ago

Nice list of games every PS3 owner should play

nnotdead3268d ago

i would say skip Devil May Cry 4

mastiffchild3268d ago

Yes, leave it alone. It's a shockingly poor game and the very definition of frustrating when you realise the big switch means playing the same game over as Dante rather than actual new bits of game!

Nowhere near DMC or DMC3, imo.

swingingape3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

i would kill for a sequel to Heavenly Sword.