Gaming Union: Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Review

Gaming Union writes "Chinese history lessons return with Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, once again the tactical change of pace returns to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There have been many installments in the series from KOEI and this is their third venture on the current generation consoles.

Dynasty Warriors is purely focused on hack and slash gameplay and for many years the games have seen much attention and revulsion at the same time. Most of this can be put down to the apparent lack of changes made between each game. Has Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires done enough to change the minds of the average gamer and prove itself to be more than a title that's just for fans."

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mephman3274d ago

A pretty disappointing showing really.

Gamer_Politics3274d ago

the whole series needs to die

TheColbertinator3274d ago

Seriously someone should blow up Koei