Windows 7 Release to Manufacturing Set for July 13

Microsoft has already announced that October 22 is the big launch day for their Windows 7 OS, but what about when the final retail version of the software "goes gold" (meaning that the product is done and will be pressed into disks for manufacturing)? Rumors are popping up all over the Internet that the date could be just a few days away.

According to Daily Tech a number of sites are using unnamed sources claiming that Windows 7 is currently on scheduled to "go gold" on Friday, July 10. The actual move to manufacturing will occur a week from Monday, July 13. Remember you have until July 11 to pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium from select retailers for just $49.99 and the upgrade version of Windows 7 Professional for just $99.99. Meanwhile the free Release Candidate version will become unavailable to download from Microsoft on August 15.

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FLOWCity3178d ago

I wonder will the Microsoft merchandiser at my job give us a windows 7 deal..One can dream

Mr_iClu7ch3178d ago

RC was Amazing and i cant wait :D

SaiyanFury3178d ago

I've been using the Windows 7 RC for a while now and it's great. It's everything Vista should've been and more. My wife just upgraded her PC and she's also using my RC client and she's loving it. It's fast and it's favour of native driver support is awesome. I'm glad we're PC users.

TheAntiFanboy3178d ago

Note to world: Windows 7 is not the second coming of Christ. Quit acting like it is.

D4RkNIKON3178d ago

Haha, who is acting like it is? lol

MEsoJD3178d ago

Mac Fanboy???

I wouldn't say the second coming of Christ but right now I'm using Windows 7 RC and still very impressed with it. Maybe that's why everyone's excited about it.

It performs very well.

jkashuba073178d ago

not sure where you see all this praise for the second coming, but with 7 operating as good as it is, which is very good, people are going to be pumped.. specially since soo many people had problems with Vista, (which by the way, I didn't and never found anything wrong with)But 7 just blows Vista and XP out of the water.. I'd say thats enough to be excited about...

but don't you worry, the second coming, I'll be tens times more happy, if it makes you feel better ;)

LinuxGuru3178d ago

I've got my free Windows 7 RC1 until almost the middle of 2010.


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