WorthPlaying: Just Cause 2 Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Just Cause 2 is one of those rare games that just looks fun. From the beginning to the end, the demo looked like free-roaming sandbox fun, with a focus on giving players the freedom to do whatever they'd like. There are a number of fun and intuitive solutions to deal with enemies. The improved grappling and parachute mechanics look like a blast, and players who are eager for more grappling hook action after games like Bionic Commando should be very pleased. Just Cause 2 looks to follow in the vein of games like Mercenaries, where the fun is in seeing how you can use your abilities to blow the heck out of a small nation. The creativity involved in dealing with missions makes the game look like a blast, and if Just Cause 2 can keep it up for the entire game, Avalanche and Eidos could have a hit on their hands".

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