Game Revolution interview: BFG Phobos - High-end gaming

"The folks at BFG Tech--and yes, the name means exactly what you think it does--have apparently decided that the sleek, sexy PS3 should no longer be the 'media center-piece' of the living room (as it strives to be). In fact, they think that lofty place should be the domain of their forthcoming game/media monster--the all-around, home theater/digital entertainment center and high-performance game PC called Phobos. Be warned that this one is out for nothing less than your ever-loving, geeky soul-front panel touch screen LCD display, hyper-slick black gloss finish, one-touch overclocking, 7.1 Surround Sound standard on all units, liquid cooling, and red-carpet, to-your-door "Concierge" setup/maintenance service (including free follow-up driver update and system cleaning visits)."

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