Rumor : Uncharted 2 among thieves coming to the PSP

ScrewAttack discovers a leaked image from the playstation magazine showing a screen for uncharted 2 on the PSP Go.

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PirateThom3275d ago

I'll believe it when I see it. Naughty Dog have previously denied a PSP version was in the works, so I'm not going to build my hopes up.

shocky163275d ago

Probably a Uncharted spin-off with similar gameplay and it's own story.

Vecta3274d ago

Or, more logically, it probably is Uncharted 2 in a PS3 running in remote play on the PSP.

shocky163274d ago

Is that so?

Have fun playing Uncharted with one analog.

Vecta3274d ago

Eh? No, I think I will play it on my PS3...

You are being overly defensive.

micro_invader3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Uncharted wouldn't really work through remote play, you'd need two analog sticks. Something the PSP doesn't have. Unless you want a really tedious aiming system.

And that picture on the magazine just looks like the U2 trailer running on a PSPGo, probably just to show off the screen capability. :/

Carl14123274d ago

Agreed, i call bull on this one.

Some form of Uncharted spin-off maybe, but i doubt they would do a straight port. Can't see the point of that

Killjoy30003274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Judging by your appressive post history regarding Playstation products, it is clear that you have a great disposition toward Sony. You contribute nothing to a converation regarding Playstation except negative thoughts. I'm not sure what kind of vendetta you have with PS3, but we can all see right through you.

I guess you can go have fun playing Gears on Zune HD....

Oh yeah...

See what I did there?

stevenhiggster3274d ago

That was my exact first thought when I saw it. It'll just be a video running on a PS3 through remote play.

Traveler3274d ago

To me it just looks like it was an article talking about the future of the PSP and they used a very obvious Uncharted 2 screen grab to say "hey, someday we might be playing something like this on a PSP". Or like someone else said, they were just highlighting the systems video functionality by playing an Uncharted 2 video. Whatever the case may be, I wouldn't take this as any kind of confirmation of an Uncharted game on the PSP.

He took a nice little jab at the PS3 there when he said "if released (backwards compatibility) people are expected to start actually buying PS3s again".

Gaming journalism is mostly in the gutter right now.

shingo3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

1- That shot in the pic has already been released to the public and it's taken directly from a PS3.

2- Naughty Dog confirmed recently that they have no plans for a PSP uncharted.

nothere4133274d ago

I really don't think it'll be coming to the PSP. A game like Uncharted needs two joysticks...

Downtown boogey3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

from the (PS3-version...) game released sometimes before... AND it's from a cutscene. Don't look so legit to me.

Seraphim3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

it's there. I have the issue sitting right here. Got it earlier last week. But I wrote it off as a misprint. However, after hearing BlazBlue has remote play... Yeah, I'm willing to bet that Uncharted 2 on the PSP, if not a misprint, is nothing more than remote play. Still cool but a far cry from Uncharted 2 on the PSP...

sunnygrg3274d ago

The screenshot looks legit (is legit), yes but I thought that it was kind of a typo on PTOM's part. I was going to email them about that. Donot get your hopes high until you hear the official word from either Sony or Naughty Dog.

D2ThaEasy3274d ago

It's just the uncharted 2 trailer playing on the PSP. LOL People are so dumb.

Seraphim3274d ago

"(New screen from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PSPGo)"

Exactly what is written in PTOM. Trailer, perhaps, remote play, perhaps, actual game, perhaps, though unlikely imo and from what's been said by ND...

So anyway. How exactly is it that "you people are dumb Lol" when that quote is clearly what the caption notes in the magazine? It says "for the PSPGo" and not on the PSPGo. If it were to say on the PSPGo it would be assumed that it was a trailer or even remote play but when it says for the PSPGo that implies that the game is actually coming to the PSP. :P

Personally I'm stilling calling a mistake or nothing more than remote play. Guess we'll find out next month or in the near future.

Blaze9293274d ago

I dont know why you got disagrees when likely, thats all it really is and you're probably correct. Too much pondering and thinking over possibly nothing when in reality, could just be the freakin trailer playing on PSP. Just seriously think about it...matter fact don't since it seems alot of people here don't know how to properly do it.

Although if this may not be true or not, i definitely see a Uncharted game coming to the PSP; that's like a no brainer.

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Omega43275d ago

Why would they make Uncharted 2 for the PSP and not Uncharted 1 as well? If anything Uncharted 2 might be one of those few games (like Lair) which can be played on the PSP through remote play

Killjoy30003274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Well, the game is a technical marvel so I'd be curious to see how remote play would fare with Uncharted 2. Definately something to think about. I don't really like Remote Play, but I would enjoy a standalone Uncharted title on PSP.

XxBarretxX3274d ago

this is fake they already said no psp version of uncharted

Chubear3274d ago

That's why it's obvious this is remote play for the PSP.

mastiffchild3274d ago

Would they use the lock system from Retribution for this in remote play? It wouldn't be perfect but I don't see how it would work without it.

Cannot see them porting a full version to PSP however, even if it would be an awesome thing. Uncharted is the bollox, imo.

BlackIceJoe3274d ago

An Uncharted PSP game would be cool. May be even make it a spin-off with Elena as the main character. I could see you filming lots of different things plus it could still have the action like the PS3 versions too. I for one would welcome an Uncharted PSP game. So I would love to see it happen.

xdye0173274d ago

It isin't a PS3 exclusive anymore. Oh no. First GT now UC. BDW I'm using your theory for the term exclusivity on 2 platforms ie. X360 and PC version. Now I don't need a PS3 to play UC2!!!!

ipwnall3274d ago

It's not the same game. So you're telling me a PSP can play a game that is HUGE and beautiful? It'll be a different version dumbass. With the PC and Xbox, they're almost the same version. And I highly doubt this is true.

MGOelite3274d ago

fine call it playstation exclusive then, sorta pathetic dont ya think? tosser...

Entei_73274d ago

No it's not really pathetic, what's really pathetic is how your getting worked up about it. Its on PS platforms only therefore its exclusive to PS.

Sunny_D3274d ago

xdye017 - 53 minutes ago

Ignore1 -
It isin't a PS3 exclusive anymore. Oh no. First GT now UC. BDW I'm using your theory for the term exclusivity on 2 platforms ie. X360 and PC version. Now I don't need a PS3 to play UC2!!!!

This guy PATHETIC!

Traveler3274d ago

The thing is, when a game is on the 360 and the PC it is the very same game and the PC version is usually the superior version. On the other hand, if the PSP gets a game from a PS3 franchise it is going to be a completely unique game that doesn't have nearly the same level of graphical fidelity. ipwnall basically already explained that.

Your line of reasoning was very poor.

saimcheeda3274d ago

u can play games using linux so its not M$ Entirely is it?

Axecution3274d ago

Are literally ALL microsoft fans completely retarded?
Seriously? That was the most pathetic attempt at pretending they have exclusives this year i've seen yet. Honestly...

Jack Klugman3274d ago

you cant say microsoft exclusive but you can say playstation exclusive. you droids get caught in your own hypocrisy.

Axecution3274d ago

its NOT the same game. Wtf?

Are you trying to tell me that Tekken 6 on the PSP is the same as the PS3? It's not...
If a game is on the DS and the 360 - then yes, it is a 360 exclusive.

The PC gives you the EXACT SAME GAME AS...

AHHH! >.<

I hate 360 fanboys. xD Seriously.

rayjelic3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

When your little Milo system come out with a handheld then you can speak.

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