Game Trading: The Legal Piracy

With Game, Gamestation, GameStop, Blockbuster Video, HMV, and even Wall Mart all having a video trade in scheme working within their stores and more High street chains set to follow Gameztraffic examines how this could impact on both developers and the gamer, and asks if it is indeed as harmful as videogame Piracy.

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andron6663305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Used games serve a purpose, and if they disappeared it would probably change many consumers buying habits.

It actually encourages gamers to buy not only the top games, because they know they can trade it in. I think some games would sell even less if there was no incentive to trade them in.

There is a problem with publishers and developers not making any money off used games, but this should also encourage them to make games that have longer lasting appeal...