I don't feel so good: Buy your own Left 4 Dead health pack

Destructoid: Etsy user sindeegee had the bright idea to create, from scratch, one of Left 4 Dead's health packs. The final product nails the iconic look of the in-game item, and is sized at "8" x 10" l x 3" d." In short, it's totally big enough to carry all of your meds during the forthcoming zombie invasion.

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clixx333183d ago

I would buy one of those... Hope it comes with that authentic tape they use in the game.

Major_Tom3183d ago

Bought! If only Valve had thought of this sooner!

clixx333183d ago

I would rather buy this than L4D2...

TheBand1t3183d ago

I'd rather have a headcrab hat.