E3 2009: War of the Press Conferences

A lot was at stake at this year's E3, with each of the 'Big 3' battling it out for supremacy in its own unique ways. So who came out on top? Whose days are numbered? As wacky as the title sounds, the purpose of this article isn't to fuel the fire raging between 'fanboys', but to give out impressions on each of the press conferences, and to highlight the exciting segments as well as to discuss the promising games that were on display at the show floor.

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All Time Greatness3117d ago

"And there you have it; Microsoft went out of their usual ways and actually showed quality titles on the stage. Its also safe to say that Microsoft had the most surprises out of the Big three and Project NATAL, which looks too good to be true, definitely managed a lot of ’ooohhs’ and ’aaahhs’ from the audience. There were no flashy (boring) montages of games; there were live stage demos baby! Seeing some of the hottest games running live of the show floor was exciting to say the least, and not only because they looked superb, but also because most of them will be hitting the streets this fall. All in all (trailers/LIVE demos included) Microsoft showed/announced 13 games on the stage, in which almost all are praise worthy. Microsoft practically secured fall 2009…So much so for the “Microsoft has a weaker line-up this year” eh? But if there was something that made the most impact, it was definitely Project NATAL. "

ShabzS3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

once again i have to say showing alan wake and final fantasy 13 actually RUNNING on 360 was the smartest thing they did...

and combine that with games that are coming out this year like odst, forza 3, conviction, and for next like crackdown2, l4d2, halo reach they covered all the ground...

in terms of new hardware they showed natal ...which really drove it home well... still think they shoud have shown some of mass effect 2 but .. lol .. no way EA would let them have it..

interrergator3117d ago

i like it how microsoft comes out of nowhere at E3 and release there big guns

keysy4203117d ago

SOny press conference didnt even show everything that is comming this fiscal year no Quantum not white knight chronicles. and drakes uncharted to psp things like these couldnt even fit into he amount of time sony had

I did not murder him3117d ago

MS did not show all their offerings during the conference either.

Gr813117d ago

Obvious come holiday season 2009.