Bargain Bin Raiders: $30 and $20 Games Everyone Should Play

NextGN writes: "This article is dedicated for all those gamers who have just purchased a console and are looking for great games without continuing the bank breaking. The following games are great choices for any gamer to purchase, and they have a smaller price tag (I will include $30 and below). I did my research at my friendly local Gamestop, you might also find better deals in sites like Amazon."

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Genesis53302d ago

I must admit Burnout is one of the best $20 games I have played. I got close to a 100 hours of game play out of it and I still like to pop it in every once in a while.

pumpkinpunker3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

In b4 Too Human for $25 on Amazon.

all you have to do is read the customer reviews and you will understand how political and corrupt professional game reviewers are.

OtherWhiteMeat3302d ago

The price for the orange box for the PS3 is wrong.The price showing is 27.99 and should be 19.99.Rumor has it this game is in the bargain bin at Toys r Us for 9.99 (source cheapassgamer .com)

SpoonyRedMage3302d ago

I think you can get Lost Odyssey real cheap now and it's a game I think all RPG fans should check out. One of the best this gen(possibly of all time as well).

Myst3302d ago

That's one of the 360 games I've wanted to try out (even compiled a list of games I wanted to play) first though I must get a 360, and being that I'll be studying abroad it makes it hard to get one now. Even though about getting the arcade unit, but..lack of space turned me away.