Should the Big 3 Game Consoles Get Price Cuts?


More rumors have been surfacing about the possibility of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 price drops.

According to reports, the Xbox 360 Elite might be reduced to $299 from its current price of $399. The possibility of a PlayStation 3 Slim is also causing a stir. Sony hasn't made any confirmation that it will, in fact, release the PlayStation 3 Slim, but it could help the company appeal to those who have balked at buying its expensive console.

Rumors have even surfaced that Nintendo might be planning a Wii price cut to maintain price leadership in the market.

But are any of those price cuts necessary? We need to consider each console on its own merit to determine if it's time for a price cut.

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shocky163270d ago

However the Wii is too expensive for what it's worth. But at the rate it's selling why the heck would Ninty cut the price now..?

glennc3270d ago

the PS3's biggest problem with its price is the Blu-ray player. as it stands the PS3 is an awesome deal for it's money, unfortunately kids are not as interested in Blu-ray as Sony wishes (and neither am I). They are the ones saying it is too expensive, but for the money you are getting more tech than any other piece of equipment on the market. the Xbox 360 is also a great deal given the amount of tech inside. The wii is priced about right. Without competition from others any one of these consoles would cost a hell of a lot more.

lokin3270d ago

so that all preople can afford all three consoles. play all the wonderfull games on all platforms.... and then we can all stop this "mine is bigger... prettier than your's" nonsense

lokin3270d ago

but sometimes it is fun, to poke fun at other platforms....and to rub salt into wounds....

OtherWhiteMeat3270d ago

No..... consumers prefer to pay full price.I also wait for a sale to end to buy something I want. Stupid question. Sell more consoles you sell a lot more games.

Gr813270d ago

One's already had one. The other is in need of another one, and one still outsells both competitors combined without one.

SpoonyRedMage3270d ago

The PS3's already had a massiv eprice drop from it's original price as well. It's just still really expensive.

Gr813270d ago

People overlook the fact that PS3 dropped the price before.

ChickeyCantor3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

[Incoming fanboys]

What most consumers don't get is that a price cut now could damage their marketing plan. Sure its great for us but it could burn them even more.
Its still a bizz.

If there are any price cuts, its not for the consumers, they don't give a crap about that(even if the PR says so). its because it fits with their marketing plan.
( in many cases there is a price drop if demand is decreasing, but even then its not always possible)

kaveti66163270d ago

If PS3 gets a decent price drop I will get one. That's at least one person who will buy one if it gets a price drop. Many Xbox fanboys say the price drop won't "save" the PS3, but I bet most of them actually want one and will buy one when it gets a cut. How can you deny that both consoles have games worth playing?