Question: "Do we need Blu-ray now?"

From Gamepro "Ask the pros":
"Valcore: A while ago you posted a response to the question about needing Blu-ray for gaming. After seeing games like MotorStorm which took up 16GB of space and loose talk about Metal Gear Solid 4 filling up 50GB, has your opinion changed or do you still feel that its not necessary?

Mr. Marbles: Hey Valcore. While this was no doubt a long time ago, I don't remember saying we don't need Blu-ray, but I probably said that we're not ready for it yet.

I still feel that Blu-ray is not an absolute necessity for gaming at this current stage, though it will be within the next few years. There's no denying that Xbox 360 DVD-9 games like Gears of War can produce huge, beautiful gaming experiences, but as technology becomes more advanced, the amount of data on discs will definitely increase. Hence, Blu-ray is a big plus for Sony developers..."

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BlackIceJoe4142d ago

I also think it will be a plus but BR will not come in handy for some time.

artman4142d ago

we don't need bluray or hd-dvd... but we absolutely hungger of space for sure... so question is... how much space do we need???

well.. bluray offer more space than hd-dvd...
remember when we our first CD-ROM platform? then DVD-ROM platform?
now we have another new platform.. either HD-DVD or BLURAY...
just enjoy the new technology guys... don't denied anything that you can't afford rite now.. you will can... the price will drop. and it will be affortable.

space are needed because of the new technology needs it... we used to have a 4Gb of harddrive... remember? and it's still expanding until now... now we can get a 750Gb or 1Tb (if you have extra money)
our digital camera also keep expanding... from 1Megapixel ... to 16 or eve 39 Megapixel (for proffesional)
which actually you can use 6Mpx is good enough to print A3 Size of paper.

HD video will take more space than normal SD format. do you guys don't expect to see ingame movies?? well I do... I love that part. who want to put and SD format ingame movie, while we have an HDTV???
HD movie will be still looks great on SD TV
but SD movie will looks crap on HDTV

just enjoy the tech~ we r living in the future now... our technology are expanding faster than before~

Dlacy13g4142d ago

While not needed now, it definitely will be next gen of consoles and certainly will be a bonus for Sony at the later stage of this current "next" gen.

MS made a gut call on the format. They were launching early, and thus were trying to do two things...keep the console cheaper while having high performance and staying neutral because of uncertainty of the winning format. MS made the right move for them given their situation and timing, and Sony certainly assuming bluray wins is in a good spot 3yrs from now.

eques judicii4142d ago

i think microsoft made the right call by sticking with DVD-9 (maybe they can even do a firmware update to support DVD-20 and it will be a mute point)

this keeps the price down and allows the format war to take place outside of microsofts format. The next generation will definitely need to support a HD media but right now it will simply require some fancier footwork from developers to fit everything, but it won't matter as long as games are selling and are still fun.

A larger disk capacity doesn't make the game any better... so to say it is "needed" for gaming is silly (unless we're talking floppy disk or even CDs) DVD-9 is fine for now, and even if a few rpgs are multidisk, it won't be the end of the world...

ItsDubC4142d ago

I agree w/ equis that larger capacity discs aren't a necessity and that having multi-disc games is no big deal. I personally was never bothered by multi-game discs but w/ HD games it will eventually become an issue.

@ Dlacy13g - I don't think Sony included BluRay support in the PS3 because they assumed that it would be the winning format. They included BluRay in the PS3 to MAKE IT the winning format.

techie4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

But remember as the guy says, it's not about having different levels on different's about bigger textures, animation, environments...that has to be on one disc, that is unless you install one disc on the HD first.

GOW of ps3...PAL version couldnt include the HD mode because of the languages they needed to support...ran out of space.

eques judicii4142d ago

GOW not fitting the HD mode was one part to do with disk space (although they probably could have found the room) the other part (which was recently admitted ) has more to do with formating of the screen.

Textures only need to be on the disk that are associated with that level. If i'm on an ice world i don't need the lava world textures...

techie4142d ago

It was for games are 720p or would they make GOW3 amazing without extra space?

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SmokeyMcBear4142d ago

3 years... try next year. shoot even this year, with some unnamed game(s) on other console(s) being on multiple DVD discs. Some people are just gonna have to eat their words, like this guy. Maybe they'll taste better with ketchup.

Dlacy13g4142d ago

This year? Nah...there may be one or two games that could really "need" it but on a whole its not needed this year..and I would say most of 2008 will be the same...but the later part of 08 I think we will see the shift happening...and then 2009 will come with the need more or less being very, very apparent. So call it 2 years..maybe a smidge more.

kewlkat0074142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

1.Can we use Blu-ray for storage purposes and gaming? YES. I'll admit more space is always better, but doesn't always mean games won't be padded with extra junk.

2.Do we need a new movie format? NO, DVD was needed at the end of the VHS era and the Quality was amazing when compared. DVD vs blue-ray, the average user couldn't give a funk. Especially after collecting a huge library, only after 6 years or so, and many people don't yet own HDTV's.

3.Was upgrading your TV for DVD movies when it first came out a requirment? NO

4.Does the little difference in pixels worth $3000 + a HD player, to Grandpa and Soccer moms, and hard working middle-class? NO

freeza4142d ago

needed yes drvs need all the tools at ther disposel,why the hell you think these systems are packing hard drive. come on think ppl