Lookin' Back #9 - Super Mario World writes - "Remember when Mario wasn't in every other Nintendo game?

This week, I'm pulling the trigger on a game that I've been planning to write about since I started the Lookin' Back series. I am referring to the SNES platforming classic, and probably one of the best - if not THE best - games in the Mario platform series, Super Mario World.

As I might have mentioned in the past, the SNES was the first Nintendo home console I owned, and I've bought every Nintendo home console since, including the Wii. Super Mario World was a game I never actually owned first time around. I borrowed it from a friend, and I really didn't want to give it back to him.

But anyway, Super Mario World was the first Mario platformer to appear on the SNES. The idea behind the game was pretty much the same as it's predecessor, Super Mario Bros. 3. Bowser had kidnapped the Princess again, and you had to make your way around the world to go and save her, going through many of Bowser's minions along the way. The information was given to you by Mario standing in a level screen with a text block telling you what had happened. Pretty simple, really."

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