PSP's latest RPG to be quite big.

April 18, 2007 - It's hard to believe, but someone has finally found a way to fill a UMD disc with game content. Falcom's latest Legend of Heroes game, Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki SC as it's known in Japan, will be the first game to use two UMDs, the company revealed today.

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PS360WII4261d ago

Square Enix is testing the waters with the DS by having DQ use 2 carts. Lets see how this RPG for PSP fairs with 2 umds...

I personally don't care about swapping them out but for some reason others do... what can you do

GamerMan4261d ago

about swapping out multiple discs is when it went back and forth multiple times cause of hte area you are in. That was a pain. Personally i would like it all to fit on one disc for my laziness factor but I wouldn't mind it if it was a solid game with a great story and good gameplay that kept me interested.

omansteveo4261d ago

OH NO! PSP load times are horrible (WWE Smackdown 5 minutes to get to a match) not to mention how would we ever be able to enjoy a really ambitious RPG on a hand held that get s 4 hours of battery charge?

Robotz Rule4261d ago

How much umd's it will take to make The Elder Scrolls Travels Oblivion on the PSP?,no fear "Blu-Ray is hear?"?

Armyless4261d ago

Maybe PSP2.0 should use Blu Ray minidiscs?

[email protected]4260d ago

:oO Crisis Core don't goes that far. Maybe the game get a full UMD cuz the FMV probably.