Future of FPS Games

ResumePlay writes: "First person shooters have taken us to a world of places. We've traveled the deepest seas, Mars, the D.C. wastelands, countless alien spacecrafts… the list could can go on and on. Could they possibly be running out of ideas with this genre? We've seen a ton of new ideas this past couple of years and hopefully they continue to push the genre forward. I'm here to analyze some of the FPS games that are in their planning stages and discuss some ways to keep the genre fresh."

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brandynevils3243d ago

A bit wordy, but overall you made some very valid points... personally, I like the motion controls, but I will always stick to my roots as a hands-on-a-controller sort of gamer.

Anyways- good stuff Mau, keep it coming!

mal_tez923243d ago

After playing Killzone 2, I think a first person cover system should be a new standard for FPS games. It was an awesome innovation that works so well. Damn all reviewers who said KZ2 brought nothing new to the table., this cover system alone makes it stand out to me.
I also think a 3 kill streak should always give radar and other kill streak perks from CoD 4, also an awesome game.

N4g_null3243d ago

mal_tez92 cover systems are lame imagine that in a game like quake 3. It only works on games that require slow movement and no movement coordination. The best cover system ever is when you go behind a box and crouch. Yet that would be lame because cover systems suck.

Killjoy30003243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I feel that the future of FPS games is what will blur the line between shooters and RPG-like progression. Games like CoD4 and Rainbow Six Vegas have explored this field, but fell short on giving you a true identity amongst other players.

I always found it amusing looking at what people did with their gear in RSV online, and would love to see this kind of platform be implemented in a narrative.

Imagine how awesome it would be getting rewarded for everything you do. Like say you can go hand-to-hand in an FPS game (like Goldeneye lol) and if you take down a certain amount of players, you are rewarded an entirely new fighting style. Then, once you have explored the new fighting style deeply enough, you are then taught stealth skills with hand-to-hand. After that comes a knife and after that comes the ability to throw a knife and so-on-so-forth. This progression system would be spanned across all actions in the game.

Also, I want a very wild weapon customization system where you can nearly build your very own weapons kind of like at swat armories. I'm tired of the one attatchment system in CoD4. I want something near Army of 2 except there would be like over 300 parts to choose from including grips, triggers, lasers, silencers, shields, shotguns, grenade launchers, rail sites, dot sites, scopes, flashlights. Everything.

And finally, I want to be able to pull off some very wild things. Say you run out of ammo and you haven't yet unlocked the knife discussed earlier. Well, how about the game letting you flip over your rifle, hold it by the barrel and use it like a bat!!

Or how about making everything scalable like inFAMOUS! That would be nuts!! But you would only be able to do this after a lot of latter-climbing and jumping.

Oh, and did I forget to add in all existing features from popular FPS games of today like a perk system, kill streak rewards, full destructibility, a first person cover system (you can unlock 3rd person RSV cover system!!!I'm going crazyyyyyyy!!), and inventing ammo?

There are so many possibilities with this kind of direction that the possibilities would be endless.

N4g_null3243d ago

Killjoy3000 some good ideas there and some bad ones. Making every thing scalable like infamous would get you shot all the time even on the conduit. The RPG thing is done better than every other game in quake war on the PC the HD console version sucks.

People are know online for different classes. Some are pilots yes we have real flyables in that game. Some are tank drivers or hog drives. Some are expert snipers and spies that can steal ids and back stabb your whole team. You can take out the other teams radar and the objectives are different and there are a bunch of them on each map.

Freedom is a bad thing some times in FPS because the fights become less concentrated. Most of us playing online graduated from quake 3 some taking out a whole squad is easy. Some times you will need more than 10 guys just to play the objective... now that is fun!

You will find it is pretty easy to come up with new ideas yet way harder to control those ideas online. A kill streak would promote every one to snipe then attack... that would be a boring game. Cover systems are only for the retarded or system with out great controls.

The best things I've seen are prone and crouch quake wars has both yet nothing beats dogging fire while rushing your victim!

I have to ask what is the most fun you've had while playing a FPS and which ones have you played? Then ask your self would you sell a game just about that?

menoyou3243d ago

Killzone 2 set a new standard in FPS. It's gameplay and control system have me never wanting to play a twitchy FPS with keyboard+mouse ever again. Generic twitch shooters like Modern Warfare 2 coming out just can't excite me after having played something as polished and refreshing as Killzone 2.

Killjoy30003243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Look, that was by no means a serious message, just more over the lines of wishful thinking. I'm not talking twitch shooters here, as the nineties are over. I'm talking about a more tactical experience with huge battlefields.

You would have enough breathing room in an open space to scale things without getting shot up. It wouldn't be a spam war like you think I'm trying to convey. I want it to be an experience like Socom where you feel rewarded for getting 5 kills without dieing.

Cover systems retarded? Are you kidding?? Again, we're talking about a slower paced game here, not equivalent pacing to Unreal Tournament. Tell me how you would play Killzone 2 without a first person cover system in the single player...**crickets sound off**...Exactly.
When I mean that everything could be scalable, I'm referring to the tree climbing in WaW and mountain climbing in MW2.

None of these ideas are bad, it would just take true skill to implement them. Not all experiences have to be stagnantly straight forward like twitch shooters.

And to answere your question, my favorite shooters of all time are Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, CoD4, RSV, and Killzone 2. Also Bioshock and Half Life.

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Baross20253243d ago

Don't forget the first and my favorite FPS game was Duck Hunt on the NES.

maskedgaymer3243d ago

I do believe the PS3 wand had a button because in the demo he mentioned it for casting a fire ball spell (which blows my mind!)
Very good points, and that Fragfx controller looks awesome!
I am not a big FPS player, but I think I would enjoy the feeling of actually pointing an object (or your hand in the case of Natal, lol) to represent a weapon.
Great article!

Max Power3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

to say the very same thing, I stopped reading once I hit that part (the "wands" not having buttons to his knowledge). He may have good points but his lack of knowledge put me off...for shame!

TheDarkCynic3243d ago

I can see motion controls having a huge impact on the genre. Good article for the most part.

DeadlyDevil3243d ago

More like Unreal and Quake... requiring skill to play. thanks

N4g_null3243d ago

There you go... every thing else was made for casual console gamers it seems, cover system, wow factor graphics, other fluff. Now quake war was a pretty good game also. The conduit is actually pretty good also.

Every one is so excited about motion control FPS when we have one already. I'm glad the Wii does have any sign of cover systems button presses. I'm starting to wonder if you are playing games and you have no skill than why are you playing them? On top of that solving this could solve the whole trade in problem we are having on the HD systems.

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