Is Sony quietly closing out PSN data slurpers? is down for maintenance and they're pointing the finger directly at Sony.

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Kamikaze1353270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I was always baffled as to why Sony didn't take action against them before, lol.

It's not about what it could do to Sony, it's about Sony owning the rights to it and other companies/websites not going through the proper steps to gain the rights to display that information.

LinuxGuru3270d ago

And why would they take action? What could retrieving your PSN account info and displaying it for others too see like gamercards ever do to Sony?

inbfour3270d ago

Like any other company, Sony is interested in making a profit on whatever they can. Perhaps they will create their own version of a game card and just add that to the list of +'s on the PSN and could advertise that.

It's always for monetary interest(which I have no problem with).

Trebius3270d ago

I really didnt think they'd let it get so popular before dropping the legal hammer on them...

I just hope they have some sort of update with the same functions or something similar.

Seraphim3270d ago

yeah, I honestly don't see what the holdup is. They have that stupid little gamercard but nothing in the lines of trophy cards. And all the other places really suck... Playfire isn't half bad but they take forever to get some games up and outside the EU region you have to manually update. Which I don't actually mind but then you get strokes listing every trophy available as if they actually obtained them all. I guess my biggest gripe is how slow they are to get games up there, and how often when they do trophies are missing...

Anyway, I don't know the exact specifics when in regards to obtaining trophy lists and whether or not it takes a hit on Sonys servers, bandwith, additional operating costs, etc... But I think the fact that PS3 Trophy Card is charging for automatic updates constantly throughout the day might peeve Sony a bit. While it's only $6 a day they are still charging for the option. On the other hand they do offer the free tag... I don't know. At one point I was angered at the idea of paying even that minimal fee and never did. Plus I really like Playfire despite their shortcomings. But at the same time if Sony doesn't want to provide us with trophy cards then someone will.

I can honestly say this though. Sony, again, needs to get on the ball. They need to get some fresh, and good avatars rolling our way and they need to get us a Trophy Card. Whether it working out a deal like the did in EU w/ for trophycards or they do themselves they really need to get something out there for us that's of decent quality...

FreestyleBarnacle3270d ago

It is a little off that you can get a trophy card in the EU but not the US but could it not be the case that there is a more benign reason for this? It has been reported on the EU blog that extra functionality is coming to the trophies in the form of leaderboards and comparisons. Is it not possible that in making these functions the code has had to be changed to a point where another system has to be used to get the trophy info? Playfire have worked with Sony in the EU to get the trophy info working for them and do not seem to be having any trouble. Maybe the problem with using your own method like PS3TrophyCard has is that there is no obligation for Sony to leave the chance for them to get the info open.

Carl14123270d ago

Pretty pissed off with that, as i paid the fee to have it updated automatically. *sigh*

Double Toasted3270d ago

What's $6 a day? I'm sure w/e it is its not worth it, pfft...thats $180/month.

Captain Tuttle3270d ago

I'm confused. What exactly do you get for $6/day? Or did you mean $6/month?

pansenbaer3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Its 6 dollars a year. 50 cents a month. This gets you automatic updates to the card every day. Whereas a non-premium account gets it like twice a week or something. Its not worth complaining about.

Megaton3270d ago

Seraphim is 7 shades of confused.

- PS3TrophyCard charges $6/year for numerous automatic updates per day. If you sign up at, you get 2 auto updates per week, free. You can also just put your ID in manually every 12 hours if you feel like you need an update right now.

- PlayFire automatic cards are not only available in EU. Your US PSNID is usable at SCEE's site, and you can make an official SCEE Trophy Card with it, which is what PlayFire's cards get their info from.

Anyways, I'm surprised they were this silent for this long. I emailed them months ago about why Rag Doll Kung Fu trophies weren't showing up. Staff messaged me back saying Sony changed their data encryption, and it'll be like that for new games until they crack it or figure out how to work around it. PlayFire doesn't get in trouble like this because they don't really have automatic cards. Their cards only update if you update your SCEE Trophy Card.

Seraphim3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

my bad... that's what I get for trying to explain something that late. idk what was going through my mind :D Daily updates, yearly fee, what I was going to say next? :D Sorry bout that...

as already stated, the fee is $6 a year to have your card updated automatically several times a day from As I said, a minimal fee but a fee nonetheless...

F3NIX DX3270d ago

reported as SPAM for being an idiot

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pixelsword3270d ago

Maybe Sony wants to do it themselves down the road. Maybe Sony is eliminating things that will slow down the network.

at any rate, it doesn't affect much at all.

Max Power3270d ago

you never know what they might include in a firmware update.

rpgenius4203270d ago

Go to and just use their card service. You just need to sign in with you PSN ID and get the trophy card code its super simple. The only thing is you have to go to your trophy card and click update for it to update your trophies.

DelbertGrady3270d ago

Powermongers. Reminds me of when they shut down Lik-Sang.

RememberThe3573270d ago

Says the MS fanboy.

Business is money, and money is power. Therefor, if your in business your, at least to a certain extent, power hungry.

thereapersson3270d ago

You're really pathetic, Popinsky.

ultimolu3270d ago

*sighs and shakes head*

DelbertGrady3270d ago

"Business is money, and money is power. Therefor, if your in business your, at least to a certain extent, power hungry."

That's not what it sounds like when MS pays for exclusive content. Hypocrite much? ;)

YogiBear3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

There is a difference between power hungry and throwing money at every problem your company has.

DelbertGrady3270d ago

Or you could call it strategic investing.

YoMeViet3270d ago

I thought those were called brides?

YogiBear3270d ago

Make up whatever titles you want.

SnuggleBandit3270d ago

no, strategic investing would be buying studios not buying one game in a series...

Narutone663269d ago

use arguing with a MS employee.

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Sony have obviously developed their own tech like PS3Trophy cards and they're just making sure there's no competition

dorron3270d ago

F**K !!!

Now I know why my ps3trophycard didn't work anymore !!! :-(

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