Crazy Console Mods: The Wii

Adam writes: I've looked all over for the best console mods out there; I began with the Xbox 360, followed by the PS3, and now this epic journey will meet its end... with the Wii. I thought it would be difficult to find excellent Wii mods, but I was way wrong. Not only did I find some rather spectacular mods for Nintendo's adorable TV breaker, but some of the ones I discovered are actually better then the ten mods I found for the PS3 and 360. So read on dear reader, for the five best Wii mods, and see which one made #1.

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knox3277d ago

wow, have never seen the first one before and looks great!

Myst3277d ago

Whoa some of these look pretty awesome

*Silently whispers to self*

There better be a Monster Hunter edition one and not just the black wii bundle. Better have the Rathalos on it to...