Gamer Finds 26-Year-Old Easter Egg

A gamer notorious for his diligent retro gaming skills has found a 26-year-old easter egg in the depths of Donkey Kong for the Atari 400 and Atari 800. Don Hodges has posted the easter egg guide up on his website for all of you to fiddle about on. The game was originally ported to the Amiga 400/800 by Landon Dyer who claimed that there was an easter egg, 'but it's totally not worth it'.

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MGOelite3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

note to anyone, the story is about 10 pages long

edit: click "but its totally not worth it"

Snake Raiser3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Ya, that is really not worth it, except to the person who made the game. The man probably just put his initials in there to show off to friends. So if they don't believe he made it he can just say "oh ya? Well what is this?!?!?" *makes cool hand gesture and the screen shows his initials*
It is kind of sad.

a_squirrel3248d ago

as soon as I read the title I was thinking, "That's sad..."

But also funny, in a good way

Ziriux3248d ago

You wish it was lol. It's a quick read, the guide may be bigger.

Final_Rpg3248d ago

Leave him, Ziriux knows his stuff when it comes to programming. He's got my respect, regardless of his avatar.

ChickeyCantor3248d ago

He knows programming? What kind of?

DelbertGrady3248d ago

He's a Dreamweaver guru ;)

y0haN3248d ago

Dreamweaver isn't a programming language it's an IDE.

ChickeyCantor3248d ago

Not sure why someone disagreed...DreamWeaver is indeed an IDE(integrated development environment) and HTML/PHP/XML are most likely Scripting languages.

neogeo3248d ago

I dont care if the guy is God in the flesh, that still does not change the fact that he has the worst avatar ever!

Honky Kong3248d ago

CHANGE IT!!!!!!!
or dont iam sure the girl is popular on n4g

cjflora3248d ago

Oh weird! If you expand out the acronym of HTML it tells you it's a markup language! Why don't you all quit being retards, this is clearly why you don't have anything better to do than trash on somebody's avatar. Wow...

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A HiFi3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The news story isn't ten pages long, but the links are...retro gamers often have a lot to say. Has anyone else noticed that?

Still, quite an amazing find.

TheDarkCynic3248d ago

It's as if they've been waiting all these years, writing the whole time, up until now to unleash their findings on the world. Gotta admire their tenacity.

spunnups3248d ago

Anyone care to post a quick answer? I'm really don't have the energy to find out for myself...= /

Myst3248d ago

"Mr. Dyer, in between pulling his hair out while working on this game, included what is known as an "Easter Egg" in the game's code. If a certain sequence of moves or scores were done correctly, the designer's initials would appear somewhere on the screen"

26 years later, I am pleased to announce that I have discovered the way to trigger this long lost Easter egg. Here is how to do it:

1. Play a game and get a score of 33,000 through 33,900. This score must become the new high score. [Some other scores will work as well, see below.]

2. Kill off all of your remaining lives. However, your last life must be killed off by falling too far - by walking or jumping off a girder that is too high to land safely. If the last life is killed any other way, the egg will not appear.

3. Set the game difficulty to 4 by pressing the Option button 3 times. The icon for this difficulty is a firefox.

4. Wait a few minutes, and the demo screen where Kong jumps across the screen will appear.

5. The title screen will then appear, and Landon Dyer's initials [LMD] will be at the bottom center of the screen:

In short just his initials.

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