Electric Playground: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review

Electric Playground writes: "Though I wasn't a fan of the Transformers going up, I could listen to Peter Cullen read from an accounting exam. So it's great to hear him in the Revenge of the Fallen game, a pretty competent title that lets you play as some of the more popular Transformers. With a little tightening, "competent" could become "great." The problem with Revenge of the Fallen is that you have to hold the right trigger in order to transform into a vehicle, and then you immediately starting zooming around everywhere in a manner that can be really difficult to control. However, it does lead to some sweet maneuvers where your robot leaps up, converts and then does a kickass attack."

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LinuxGuru3270d ago

I would like these games if they really put as much detail as possible into how the transformations look. Once you've seen the movies...anything less is kinda disappointing when it comes to how they look as they transform.