Is The iPhone 3GS Worth It?

Koku Gamer writes: "Is the iPhone 3GS worth the upgrade? Well, that depends. Now, that we've had a little time to play with it we can confidently say that the new iPhone is a nice upgrade but ultimately not an essential one for most. For users that have been using the iPhone as a gaming platform mainly or coveting the ability to take video with their cell phone, the iPhone 3GS may be worth the upgrade price. Bumps in both processor and RAM allow the 3GS to load comparatively faster and display better frame rates than its predecessors. It is most noticeable while playing games with more graphical output.

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DeadlyDevil3305d ago

I'm not a big apple fan~ it is way faster through

Ziriux3305d ago

Yea, you can easily tell from just watching the Silent Hill comparison.

cherrypie3305d ago

The latest software featuers for the Apple iphone OS: Connection sharing, SMS, Copy & Paste and Video recording?

These are features from 2003 FFS.

Their are *MANY* cellphones with better hardware. HTC Touch HD; 5MP camera, VGA CMOS up-front for cellphone Video-calling(!), better screen, longer battery, better GPS, MicroSD slot -- and it COSTS less.

Anyone who buys an iphone is doing out of 100% pure hype.

Omnia, Sony's XPERIA (which is a TERRIFIC phone), *anything* from HTC, Samsung's Jack -- and MORE are vastly better smartphones.

BulletToothtony3305d ago

I mean.. if speed wasn't important then everybody would be on pentium ones and who cares how long it takes for it to do anything right...

But since speed is important to most of us.. again it comes down on how much we need it.. I don't think is worth updating if you already have one... but i'll be picking up the 3GS over the 3G without a doubt..

poopsack3305d ago

"Anyone who buys an iphone is doing out of 100% pure hype."

really? what if I just want an ipod with a touchscreen that can make phonecalls?

What about all of the apps that i may find interesting?

All of these things came to mind when I was thinking about making my purchase, but well i guess i bought it out of hype, thats why it took me 2 years to buy it having the money to do so, cause i was hyped.

ObviousTruth3305d ago

you're forgetting the major selling point of iPhone though. and that's the app store. every other smart phone pretty much just gets iPhone app ports. and that's why i prefer iphone. i know other phones have SOME better features, but they all balance out when you take into consideration all the ups n downs. so the iphone wins purely because of the apps.

bjornbear3305d ago

I doubt its all hype =P

Its works and it works well =P only people who i know who stand strongly against iPhone are anti-apple fanboys, which i don't understand really because Apple have always given great quality products =P

I don't have an iPhone because i don't need one / too expensive, but when i get the cash and my life becomes more complicated, i'm getting it over any other smart phone =) (like 1/5th of the market ;))

deeznuts3305d ago

I can't stand apple yet I got an iphone. I don't use any ipod features (although I have to start listening to some recordings related to my business, no music). The apps and the web surfing are just too dang good. I tried two other phones (one being the BB Bold) but really, what good are specs when they're running apps I don't want?

Cherrypie, your routine is older than an 80's Warrant song. Get some new stuff.

themyk3305d ago

To the guy above talking about iPhone hype. I agree about that for people who buy iPods. But not the iPhone. There might be better "phones" oN the market. But as for an all around handheld electronic device. No other "phone" beats it. Hate on apple all u want. But the iPhone is awesome.

On topic. The 3g is fine. The 3gs is faster but it's not soo much better than the 3g to get me to upgrade. Mine is jailbroken anyway. CYCORDER and BACKGROUNDER ftw.

talltony3305d ago

Its faster and way better than the original 3g. def worth the upgrade. Its just so quick.

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AnchormanMazda3305d ago

Excellent review. It is said in a understandable pace and tone and that made watching it actually interesting. Might just check out getting an iPhone for myself.

Ziriux3305d ago

You don't necessarily need the iPhone I think they have just the iPod version as well. Does anyone know?

bjornbear3305d ago

Everything else - even net =)

Also cheaper ($300 bucks)

JoeyC3305d ago

awesome review. While i doubt I'll be upgrading anytime soon, that sure is one hell of a difference in load times.

TheDarkCynic3305d ago

Let me tell you, if I had the money I'd upgrade, based completely on that video. I mean, there's nothing to debate there, it just plain works faster. Great job.

The Dude3305d ago

I went from the slow 2g to the 3g which dropped a few calls a day. Yes the 3gs is worth it twice as fast and no dropped calls. Bought the 3gs for $199 sold my 3g on ebay $344 :)

mau643305d ago

This is a great video... keep up the good work

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