The Decline and Fall of the PC Empire

Gameztraffic writer Del takes a look at the falling numbers of PC gamers, and PC gaming as a whole and analyses what and how it all went wrong for PC Gamers.

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madmonkey03275d ago

well its simple, to stay at the pinnacle of console gaming, you must pay aroun £300 avery 5 years. to stay at the very top in PC gaming you must pay £1000 at least every couple of years.

Erdrick3275d ago

@ pinnacle of console gaming

I think that would include a few HDTVs and some other stuff you forgot to include in your estimate

free2game3653275d ago

yeah, it's all perceived prices, the fact that people still believe a decent PC costs $1000+ GBP (I think that's what that symbol is, which would make it something like 1600 USD I believe which is basically an extremely top tier PC) is bad as it is, be it if a person is grossly ill informed or not. Hopefully intel pushing low priced standardized GPUs with mid-low end PCs will change all of that. This article's website has a mac icon by it though so it likely reeks of bias. Not to say though PC gaming isn't in a terrible state now. Right now almost all FPS developers use consoles as their lead platforms for games, because of all of this it seems there's almost not technical innovation and no design innovation. The RTS genre and MMO genre though are still as healthy as they've ever been. The FPS genre is almost dead now though. It's just flooded with derivative xbox leftovers, but many people seem to believe this to be all PC gaming offers, or at least that's all console fanboys envied about PC gaming before, so that's why many people look at it so narrowly.

moses3275d ago

Exactly. I'm quite sure that the cost of a monitor (that are usually just as, if not higher resolution than most HDTV's) and a decent gaming PC is lower than the cost of a Console + large HDTV. Plus all the added FREE bonuses of a PC, like actually being able to use it to do things other than gaming + media. I'll stick to my "expensive" customizable PC experience, thanks.

Sprud3275d ago

A HDTV is not just for gaming, and this is also the first generation ever to benefit from a TV-upgrade. I say "benefit" because it's not required.

Charmers3275d ago

Yep and of course lets just forget that today's consoles barely last a year if you are lucky and when it's broke, it's broke. So that £300 every 5 years is a load of bull. Once your console is broke and out of warranty get ready to stump up yet another good few hundred quid for a new console.

Anyway why is it this site seems obsessed with reporting the PC is dying ? are console users that insecure ?

IdleLeeSiuLung3275d ago

but yeah, the HDTV can be used to view, GASP, TV!

A TV (or HDTV) purchase is a large purchase that happens once in a long time while a PC upgrade seems to happen at least once every year. Now it might cost $300-400 to upgrade a PC now-a days, but since I bought my console I have had to upgrade it zero times in the last 2 years and there will be no upgrades in the next 2 years either.

Not to say that PC gaming is inferior, but rather costly overall. The PC experience is different not bad, just different and better in some ways and others not.

Montrealien3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

[email protected]

Did you guys even read the article? Besides the stupid title that all of you are commenting on, it was a pretty decent read.

*goes back to join millions and millions of gamers gaming online on the PC every waking hour*

karlowma3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"goes back to join millions and millions of gamers gaming online on the PC every waking hour"

Have fun in WoW!

M337ING3275d ago

*Looks at the thousands playing Counter-strike, Team Fortress 2, Company of Heroes, Empire: Total War, Quake Live, Call of Duty 4, Dawn of War 2, etc, etc*


free2game3653275d ago

The argument about watching TV compared to a PC is pretty invalid considering you can do a lot more things with a PC also. Much more so compared to a HDTV and console. Also no, PC monitors aren't more expensive than TVs unless you get into the 30" range and compared to TVs that size yes then PC monitors are more expensive.

evrfighter3275d ago

"A HDTV is not just for gaming"

and a pc Is *GASP* not just for gaming either...

DevastationEve3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

PC gaming is unforgiving. Let's say two people each build themselves a $1000 PC with a good mix of parts and configuration, but one is getting half the framerate of the other in the same game.

Let's say that I buy an i7 920 (keeping $1000 as the total for both systems) and only have enough money left over for a 4850. The other guy went cheaper and stuck with a phenom II x4 940 and had enough for a 4890. Now you see why PC gaming is so uneven. Because although we spent the same total ($1000) our PCs won't result in the same performance.

My CPU is a new architecture than his (i7 uses LGA 1366, while Phenoms are am2 compatible with some older motherboards) so I've done good by starting with a new motherboard. But my GPU is much weaker (4850 vs 4890), so essentially I'll have to upgrade sooner than he would have to, since his graphics chip will still outperform mine.

You see the problem? Price doesn't guarantee that your config will perform as well a someone else's.

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mcgrawgamer3275d ago

who actually read the article?

Had you actually read the article you'd see that the basis of the article is that consoles are becoming more and more like pc's. Also seems to me like the author was more or less debating his disdain for playing games on a Windows OS more so than pc gaming itself. I'm still amused at console gamers who think pc gaming cost 2k and up. Any gamer could get a gaming rig that can play any game at least 2 times better than a console for around 500 bucks. The only people who buy component after component are people who try to keep up with the pc jones'

free2game3653275d ago

One thing though if anything this generation has shown is that people don't want consoles to be more like PCs, and the cost of making consoles more like PCs has just lead Sony and Microsoft to a point where they can't really make a profit off of their consoles, even if MS is making a small profit, it wont really be enough to recover losses from the Xbox 360 launch and then you still have the 4+ billion they lost on the Xbox after that.

mcgrawgamer3275d ago

I agree. The thing that separates pc gaming apart from console gaming is no one company is carrying the burden of the entire markets success. there are companies who focus on hardware, companies who focus on the sofware, then you have MSFT with the OS On the console side sony and or MSFT have to carry the burden of the hardware success, software success, and interfaces i.e xbl and psn. And as such the risk is less minimal on the pc hence the reason so many indy game makers were willing to put games on the pc way before xbl or psn were in the picture no fee's had to be pad. no certification process had to be complete. just make a game and release it on the interwebs.

Looking back at the ps2 xbox era did anyone every really thing we'd be getting patches for console games and multiple sku's???

air13275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

pc gaming is dead simply cause pc gamers dont buy games, they pirate the games then demand free updates and sh!t...

@ free2game

i think micro has been making a profit for a while now with the 360, not only that but they make a killing on the game sales and live is a huge money maker too..

free2game3653275d ago

no they don't, they posted 1+ billion losses for the first 3 years of the 360's lifespan, even with "killer game sales" on the original Xbox they lost 4 billion dollars on it. Small profits over the course of one year don't negate 7+ billion in losses.

mcgrawgamer3275d ago

every pc gamer in the world their friend. I love how pc gamers are deemed pirates and thieves when a small portion do it yet almost everyone who has access to a pc has pirate music and or movies on a regular basis.

As a pc/ps3/360 gamer I don't demand anything for free. I pay for my games and I pay for dlc when the time comes. the valve l4d2 few whom you are basing your post on are the minority of the bunch. No one to my knowledge ever demanded free updates and sh!t it was always given on the pc side and thus became the norm. many pc gamers I know didn't throw a fit when fallout 3 charged for dlc nor did they throw a fit when infinity ward charged for their new maps. Those same gamers I know will purchase l4d2 if the game is worthy of a buy and continue to support games. For a platform to be dead the pc sure has some long legs......

mastiffchild3275d ago

Mcgraw-what has the L4D2 boycott got to do with piracy? For a start while I don't count myself as being one of them I do see much of their point but all the people I know that are boycotting are doing so out of Valve not delivering on the promises for the first game(though had they had to buy it for the 360 they'd have more right to moan as it cost more, performed much worse and without mods and with weaker support you got even less than the paltry package on offer to PCs)and cashing in with a second they believe won't be any real kind of improvement and just a few skins and backgrounds with a couple of mp modes thrown in. None of which is costly unlike a real SP would be-the thing which, even without engine improvements,would make the sequel far less of a money grab to many. And none of the people I know boycotting pirate their games either. They see Valve as being one of the few devs with any morals left and, as such, ae fighting to keep them that way. Free updates aren't the main thrust at all but package size, quality and kept promises and support are.

Personally I feel piracy does affect PC gaming as devs can get the impression they'd be safer ,making console games-which I'm sure they've done their hom,ework on but I'm not so sure that the people who pirate as a rule were ever really buying many games to begin with-it's not like it's got easier to piraye games just recently , is it? Also the few people I know that admit to game piracy on PC(only a few more than on DS and 360 mind)often only do so when they either cannot afford a title or are unsure of it and there's no demo(and then if it is good or they want the onmline they usually buy it)-beither of which actually affec sales at all.

I game less on PC these days than I once did as I got sick of buying a new mouse and keyboard all the time(and upgrading as often as I did was a pain tbh-if not as dear as people think)just to keep up with those who had. I honestly think a good set up makes a big difference in most online game genres and the way console gaming avoids this by giving all the gamers the same tech and controller(inless they have to cheat but those nobs are everywhere!)means it's a fairer and truer test of skill than PC gaming atm, imo. Also, while I have loads of great people I know from PC gaming I had started to notice the community getting a few more outspoken and condescending members over the past five years(and some WoW/MMO chatrooms/sites/guilds harbour some real idiots-caused me to give up on MMOs more than a couple of times).

IDK what the reasons are either behind the slowdown of PC gaming or if thee devs are right about the losses they get from piracy and can only say why I game less on PC now(maybe there are more like myself on this topic but I can't imagine it some vast exodus on these scores!)

Stoney223274d ago

"pc gaming is dead simply cause pc gamers dont buy games, they pirate the games then demand free updates and sh!t..."

Are you mental? To say the PC gaming community is dead shows you lack of knowledge about gaming. The 360 Install base is around 25million. Around 12 Million people currently play World of Warcraft. How can pc gaming be dead when just one game has almost half the players of the 360 install base?
What about Valve? Valve are a compamy that mainly keep afloat thanks to the PC gaming market. How can a market be dead if a company that depends on it stay afloat and prosper?
Why does the PC market get more exclusives such as Arma 2 if it's dead?
What if we include the flash market also? Millions of people develop and play flash games exclusivly on the PC. More and more this is turning out to be a thriving market for developers.
Finally you poor pirate argument. People pirate 360 games does this mean the 360 is dead? People pirate movies and music does this mean that those markets are dead? No! That is beacause only a small minority compared to the collective actually do it. It has an impact but not one so significant that you can call it "dead".
Next time actually think about your post before you post it.

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ElementX3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I just got back into point-and-click adventure gaming. I'm almost finished with The Longest Journey. I also went to and bought Syberia I and II, plus Dracula Origins for $6.99 each. I used to love the old school King's Quest and Quest for Glory games, the genre brings back memories. Plus even the latest adventure games don't require much in the way of hardware.

pippoppow3275d ago

I hope Heavy Rain helps bring back graphic adventures into the spotlight again. I like mixing up my gaming experiences. Beat Beneath a Steel Sky a few months ago and played some of which was good and was playing Broken Sword until Windows screwed up on me. Also beat Gabriel Knight 1&2 a year ago. Really good games in all. I have a bunch on graphic adventure games that look good which I need to finish one day. Anyone interested in gettiing into Graphic Adventures should check out some review sites like and

ElementX3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Heavy Rain looks intriguing but I have to read more about it

Gabriel Knight! OMG those games were cool.

Thanks for the websites

bjornbear3275d ago

But its been LESS popularised since the coming of more PC-LIKE consoles =)

I love strategy games (Total War FTW) and i couldn't imagine playing one decently on a console (Halo Wars to me isn't a worthy strategy game. I'm speaking of Sim Cities and Total wars : serious strategy games)

So PC gaming will always have a special place in my, and many gamers' hearts.

Oh and FPS's also always better with mouse and keyboard =)

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